We are no longer updating WolfQuest 2.7 and it is no longer available on Android. 

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WolfQuest 2.7

WolfQuest 2.7 was released in 2015. WolfQuest 2.7 includes all gameplay and features from the original (v2.5) game, plus substantial improvements and expansions, including:


• User accounts with achievements, friends lists, packs, and messaging.

Wolf Avatar

• Furry coats on all wolves
• Ten new coat colors (based on two realworld Yellowstone packs)
• Ten injured coats (using new coats from Yellowstone packs)
• Seven new howls
• Other special customizations: radio collar, injured ears, injured leg, and more
• New emotes and emotes interface: Growl, whine, tail up, ears forward, grin, tail under and avert gaze

Main Gameplay

• Difficulty levels determine frequency of elk carcasses and degree of challenge of raising and protecting pups.
• Elk and wolf scent is affected by wind direction, so players must pay attention to wind to find scent trails and to approach elk from downwind.
• Bull elk and strong female elk stand and defend themselves rather than fleeing.
• Dispersal wolves (potential mates) become available based on player XP.
• Grizzly bears can sometimes be chased off of carcasses. Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?
* Emotes to express yourself to your packmates.
• Hundreds of bugfixes, including puppy-coat color inheritance, getting stuck near water, elk health bar displays, and private game unreliability.

New Animals

• Cougars roaming the wilderness, feeding on carcasses, and lounging on rocks
• Foxes roaming the wilderness and mousing
• Ravens feeding on carcasses
* Moose roam the woods and floodplains, presenting special challenge for hunting wolves.


• Improved AI behaviors for all animals
• Elk and AI wolves are smarter about avoiding obstacles


• More ambient sounds (distant wolf packs howling, Dawn Chorus of birds at dawn, frogs in Slough Creek springtime, distant elk bugling in Amethyst, and more)
• Greatly enhanced 3D environments, especially on Mac/Windows versions


• Multiplayer switched to Photon back-end for more robust MP sessions.
• Slough Creek co-op mission: up to five players can play as parent and older offspring. Includes the entire arc of this level, from finding a den to the final journey to the Rendezvous site.
• Private games have voice chat and text chat (filtered only through naughty words list)
• Up to eight players in multiplayer games (five on mobile platforms)

New Map

• A new map, "Lost River," to explore in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes

Pricing for WQ 2.7

• If you purchase WolfQuest Anniversary Edition, you also receive 2.7 for free.
• Full Game: The entire game with Amethyst, Slough Creek, and the new Lost River map, Multiplayer, and all customizations for $20 Available as a digital download on itch.io or Steam.

Mobile on iOS:
• Free Download: with Amethyst Mountain single-player unlocked, original set of wolf coats, and all the new wolf howls.
• In-App Purchases :
* * The full game (Slough Creek, Multiplayer, and Lost River map) for US $3.99.
* * Wolf Coats and Body customization packs: $2.99 each or get both packs for $4.99

WolfQuest 2.5 was funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, Best Buy Foundation, and other sponsors, which allowed us to make the game a free download. Funding ran out in 2011, and so no further development of the game was planned.

However, interest in the game remained strong, so we gave it a much-needed overhaul and expansion and released WolfQuest 2.7 in 2015.

End of Life for WolfQuest 2.7 on Android – July 2023

Due to new technical requirements by Google, WolfQuest for Android has reached its end of life and has been removed from the Google Play Store, and multiplayer is now disabled. The single-player game will continue to work for players who have already downloaded it and purchased in-app products, and they'll be able to download it again if necessary (with the same Google account.) For the time being, WQ 2.7 on iOS is still available and both single-player and multiplayer are still functional, as is the Mac/Windows version. We apologize for these changes, but technology marches on and with code dating back to 2007, it's no longer possible to keep the Android app updated.