Available as Early Access for PC/Mac computers.


WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition raises the bar for realistic and accurate eco-simulation gameplay:

  • Herds of elk roam the land in realistic herds, along with moose, mule deer, beavers, and other prey.
  • Other wolf packs maintain and defend their territory against intruders -- like you.
  • Grizzlies, cougars, coyotes, and other predators challenge you over your kills -- and protect theirs.
  • Wolves communicate with each other using natural actions and vocalizations.
  • Dynamic (family-friendly) courtship interactions allow you to choose a suitable mate.
  • Adorable wolf pups who play with each other and with your wolf and mate.
  • Vast wilderness maps (nearly 50 square kilometers) depict Yellowstone's Northern Range.
  • Innovative Age Perks system models the arc of life (and death) of a wild wolf.
  • In Ironwolf mode (optional), live life on the edge: your first death is your last.
  • Dynamic day/night, weather, and seasons immerse you in the wilderness.
  • Sixty achievements, plus collectible objects.


  • Create a public game open to everyone or a private game for friends only.
  • Co-op multiplayer in Slough Creek. Raise your pups together!
  • Co-op mission: Claim and maintain territory against rival wolf packs.

Our science advisors include some of the top wolf biologists in the world today, who help us keep WolfQuest accurate to real wolf biology and behavior.


  • The WolfQuest Saga will continue the story of the pack! Leave your summering spot and follow the elk herds through the seasons, helping your pups learn how to hunt as they grow to adulthood. Then as the years roll by, raise a new litter of pups, with your yearlings helping before they disperse.


  • Mac and Windows computers (Early Access)
  • Note: The game does not run on ChromeBooks and is not available for mobile.

When you purchase WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition you will also get WolfQuest 2.7 - the classic game – so you can play either version.

Follow the development of WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition at WolfQuest.org/blog