Why Do I Need an Account?

When you purchase the game, you can register a new account, which unlocks the Slough Creek and Lost River maps, enables multiplayer games and secondary features like achievements, in-game messages, friends, and packs. If you delete your account, you can still play single player but without these features. 

My Account Has Been Restricted

If you received a warning about inappropriate multiplayer behavior: No need to do anything, you still have full privileges on your account. Please re-read the rules of multiplayer games and be sure to follow them in games.

If your text chat was disabled or your account was disabled due to multiplayer behavior: No need to delete your account just because it has been restricted. Just respond to the email(s) you received about the matter, and follow the instructions to request a review to have your account privileges restored.

I Really Just Want a Different Username

If you want to change your username. follow these instructions for requesting a username change.

IMPORTANT: One Account Per Purchase!

You get one one account with your game purchase, so deleting your account means you must purchase the game again in order to register another account.  Note that purchasing the game again may be difficult or impossible on mobile devices, since the game is an in-app purchase tied to your Apple/Google/Kindle account.

IMPORTANT: Deleting Your Account is Permanent!

Make sure you are positive you want your account deleted before you send the e-mail. If you send another e-mail afterwards changing you mind, it may not be read before your original e-mail and it may not be seen before the account is deleted. Once an account is deleted, all the information associated (including your redeemed single-use key for WQ.org and itch.io purchases) is permanently deleted from the database and cannot be retrieved or recovered.

How to Delete Your Account

If you would like to have your account deleted, please contact us (click the lower right “?”) with your username, the e-mail address associated with your account, and the statement “Please delete my game account. I understand that I get one account per game purchase”.