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Natural Selection FTW

Kill any ungulate.

Making an Impression

Reach 50% affinity with trial mate.

P Marks the Spot

Take over a hex owned by another wolf pack.

Portable Picnic

Bring a fawn or calf carcass home to your pups.

Nobody Messes with Me!

Defend your den from predators.

Bad Parent

Hunger takes a pup.

Natural Selection Sucks

Lose a pup to a predator.

Baby Bounces Back!

Pup recovers from illness.

R.I.P. Little One

Lose a pup to illness.

Lost in the Wilderness

Pup wanders off....and never comes back

Fetching the Prodigal

Pup Recover a wandering pup.

Survival of the Pack (Easy)

Finish the Slough Creek quests on Easy with at least two pups.

Survival of the Pack (Challenging)

Finish the Slough Creek quests on Challenging with at least two pups.

Survival of the Pack (Accurate)

Finish the Slough Creek quests on Accurate with at least two pups.


Carcass Conquest

Take over a carcass from a competitor.


Find and kill a beaver.

Smells Fishy

Find a fish dropped by an eagle.

You Have Chosen... Wisely

Get a four star (diversity) mate.

You Have Chosen...Poorly

Get a one star (diversity) mate.

This Land is My Land

Claim 20 hexes in your territory.

Realtor's Nightmare

Discover 10 dens before choosing one.

Long Distance Traveler

Travel two kilometers or more to a rendezvous site.

Fallen Hero

Your mate dies defending the pups.

I'm Juggling As Fast As I Can

Finish Slough Creek as a single parent (solo from start of Journey quest).

Iron Dad

Finish Slough Creek as a male Ironwolf.

Iron Mom

Finish Slough Creek as a female Ironwolf


Amethyst Scavenger Hunt

Collect all eight objects in Amethyst map

Slough Creek Scavenger Hunt

Collect all eight objects in Slough Creek map

Amethyst Landmarks

Visit six locations in Amethyst

Slough Creek Landmarks

Visit six locations in Slough Creek


Some of these achievements cannot be unlocked with games saved before the 1.0.7h patch was released on 18 August 2021, and those restrictions are noted below.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Choose the same den that you were born in.

(Must have at least one Family Snapshot -- generated upon completing Loaf at Rendezvous Site -- with that wolf as a pup.)

Family Legacy

Playing as one of your pups, finish Slough Creek.

I Could Tell You Stories

Reach the advanced age of eight.

(Wolf must be eight years old -- either already eight in the save game, or younger and then advance to eight.)

Respect the Runt

Finish Slough Creek as a grown runt.

Lupine Legend

Reach age eight as an Ironwolf.

(Saved games with wolf that already advanced to eight will unlock this achievement.)

A Far Green Country

Choose a peaceful death after reaching age eight.

A Well-Rounded Wolf

Choose every age perk over the course of your life.

(Will not count perks chosen in saved games before 1.0.7h.)


Reach age eight with the same mate since age two.

(No limitations, as long as you have a Family Snapshot with each mate.)

So Lonely

Outlive your mate after you both reach age eight.


More multiplayer achievements to come when Slough Creek multiplayer is released.

Kings of the Hill

Claim and hold 15 hexes on Amethyst for four game days.