To invite other players to be friends in the game: go to your Account panel, then the Friends tab, and type their name in the "Add a Friend" field and click the button. They will receive a friend request, which they can either accept, ignore, or block. If you click ignore that request will be displayed until you accept or block.

If you block someone's friend request, they cannot submit another friend request. However, you can send them a friend request, and they will have the option to accept, ignore, or block it.


Create a pack in the Friends tab of your Account panel, then add other players as members. Those players will receive a pack request, which they can either accept or decline. 

You can then send group messages to everyone in your pack, which is helpful for scheduling multiplayer games. 

You can remove members from your pack at any time.


You can send in-game messages to other players in the Messages tab of your Accounts panel.

Note: Messages should be received within 90 seconds.

You can delete messages you have received, but you cannot delete messages that you have sent. This is a limitation of the current account. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Social Media

Many players use Discord to connect: WolfQuest on Discord