PC/Mac: $20

With the release of WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, Early Access for PC/Mac, the price of WolfQuest is $20. You get both games with your purchase:

  • Full Game WolfQuest 2.7: The entire game with Amethyst, Slough Creek, and the new Lost River map, Multiplayer, and all customizations.
  • WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, Early Release for PC/Mac, with Amethyst Mountain, Slough Creek maps, plus the Lost River Classic map for singleplayer and multiplayer. The Saga, a major expansion of the game that lets players will continuously through the years, raising a new litter of pups each year, is still to come.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

Hellroaring Mountain Map ($10)

Hellroaring Mountain rises above the Yellowstone River in north-central Yellowstone, several kilometers west of Slough Creek. The largest granite mountain in the park, Hellroaring overlooks the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone and, further south, the rolling hills leading up to the Blacktail Deer Plateau.

Lost River Map for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition ($12)

A  fictional area in the Mountain West, featuring both expansive wilderness and a mysteriously-abandoned town. A bigger, expanded, improved Lost River map — one that’s equal to the scope and quality of Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek.

Yellowstone Wolf Coat Pack ($6)

  • Fifteen coats based on actual Yellowstone wolves: important, famous, or just cool. You can choose any of these coats for your own wolf. They will also be eligible to appear on dispersal wolves and grown pups in any new game that you start after purchasing this DLC.
  • available for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition for PC/Mac only

The WolfQuest Original Soundtrack & Music Extras ($10)

  • The soundtrack to WolfQuest Classic and new music of WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, composed and performed by Tim Buzza and Ben Woolman, plus a 25-minute video featuring Tim Buzza talking about how he created the signature sound of WolfQuest and many memorable tracks in the game. The soundtrack currently has two and a half hours of music. NOTE: This pack is identical to the one as sold as DLC for the old WolfQuest 2.7 game. (Steam doesn't allow us to share DLC across multiple game products, so this is a duplicate of that one.)

iOS Mobile: WolfQuest 2.7

WolfQuest 2.7 for iOS mobile is a free download with in-app purchases. ]

WolfQuest 2.7 is no longer available for Android.

Free Download includes:

  • Amethyst Mountain (the first episode and map), single-player unlocked, original set of wolf coats, and all the new wolf howls.
In-App Purchases :
  • The full game also includes Slough Creek (pups), Multiplayer, and Lost River Classic map for US $3.99.
  • Wolf Coats and Body customization packs: US $2.99 each or get both packs for US $4.99

NOTE: WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is not available for mobile.

NOTE: We are no longer updating or developing WolfQuest 2.7. Learn more about the history of the game and current development at www.WolfQuest.org