WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition has been released for PC/Mac on Steam and itch.io, as Early Access. It is a free update for owners of WolfQuest 2.7 for PC/Mac. (Each purchase includes the game for both of those platforms.)

Mobile purchases of WQ 2.7 do not apply to the PC/Mac version, so for example, even if you own WolfQuest 2.7 on mobile, you would have to purchase WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition for PC/Mac. 

WolfQuest 2.7

Mobile versions of the game are separate purchase from each other, and from the PC/Mac version, due to App Store requirements and other factors. So:

  • If you purchase the game for computer (on wolfquest.org or itch.io or Steam), you can download it for Windows or Mac OSes.
  • If you purchase it from the Apple App Store for iOS, you can download it to any iOS device (iPhone or iPad) that has your Apple ID.
  • The Android version of 2.7 reached End of Life in summer 2023.

Then, after creating an account, you can log into the game on any of the above devices and sync up your data.  

Note: WolfQuest does not run on Chromebooks.