In the past, WolfQuest 2.7 updates have included major new features as well as bugfixes. As our focus currently is on WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, these updates are more occasional and only consist of critical bugfixes.


Is Classic WolfQuest For You?

  • Do you love the classic style and gameplay of WolfQuest 2.7?
  • Do you play on mobile and are waiting for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition's release on those platforms?
  • Do you have an older device that just can't run newer games?
  • Do you want to play multiplayer with your friends with any of the above?

Then WolfQuest 2.7 is for you!

Current Version

This is indicated in the small text at the bottom of the main menu screen).

Current PC/Mac version: 2.7.3p9f, built on April 4, 2018

Current mobile version 2.7.3p9e, built on March 29, 2018

How to Update Your Game

PC/Mac Version from or

The game launcher (solo wolf on brown background) should automatically download patches and updates upon release. If you do not have the latest release, please run the game launcher, then click the Gear button in top-right and click the Redownload button. That might take awhile to fully download the latest version but you will be sure to have it.

PC/Mac Version from Steam

The Steam app automatically downloads updates and patches upon release. If you do not have the latest version, please check your Steam settings to make sure it is set to automatic updates.

Mobile Versions

Some mobile devices will download game updates automatically, but you may have to go to the app store on your device and click the Download/Update button. If you have previously purchased the full game or customization packs, those should still be available, but if they are not, please see the tips in this article: Can't Purchase or Unlock Previous Purchases