What is the Hellroaring Mountain DLC Map?

Hellroaring Mountain rises above the Yellowstone River in north-central Yellowstone National Park, several kilometers west of Slough Creek. The largest granite mountain in the park, Hellroaring overlooks the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone and, further south, the rolling hills lead up to the Blacktail Deer Plateau.

This 8x8 kilometer map has a great variety of environments: rolling sagebrush-steppe gradually rising up to Buffalo Plateau, strands of Douglas-fir forests on mountain slopes, and plenty of granite outcrops going up to the summit.

Map Features:

  • 8x8 kilometer map (30% larger than the other WQ:AE Yellowstone maps).
  • Most of the map is within Yellowstone National Park, where wolves are protected, but the map extends about a kilometer north of the park boundary into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. There, hunters roam in autumn with a license to kill...
  • The full arc of quests, from learning to hunt through raising pups. (That currently brings you to Endless - Summer, but once the Saga is completed, it will be available here as well as in other maps.)
  • Wolverines. These feisty competitors are mainly found in the high country north of the Yellowstone River. They will put up a fierce fight over carcasses.
  • All the animals found in other Yellowstone maps, except beavers. (They don't live in this area, not enough slow creeks.)
  • Fifteen new achievements.
  • Over 30 new dreams featuring Hellroaring animals and landmarks.

How do I purchase it?

Purchase in-game from Steam or itch.io for $10 (USD)

In the game, click Start New Game, then select Hellroaring Mountain in the map pulldown, which will open a new window with option to Preview or Purchase the game. The preview option will let you enter the Hellroaring Mountain map for ten minutes, limited to a small portion of the map, so you can make sure that Hellroaring Mountain runs well on your computer. If you would like to purchase it, return to the main menu and click the Purchase button after selecting Hellroaring Mountain again in the map pulldown. That will take you to Steam or itch.io (depending on where you purchased the game) so you can buy the DLC. If you are purchasing it through itch.io, you must then register your purchase with your WolfQuest game account to unlock it in the game.

Why is the Hellroaring Mountain map an additional purchase?

Game revenues are how we keep developing and supporting the game.  DLC (downloadable content) such as maps and wolf customizations are offered as "extras" for people who want more options. The revenue from DLC is why we can keep adding content (such as the Saga) to the main game at no extra charge.

Can we travel to other Yellowstone game maps from Hellroaring Mountain?

Yes,you can travel to and from the Yellowstone maps: Slough Creek, Amethyst Mountain, and Hellroaring Mountain (DLC).

Both Lost River maps are standalone maps and you can't travel to or from the Yellowstone maps.

What happens when wolves leave the national park?

One of WolfQuest's main goals is to educate about wolves. We have kept the focus on the life of wild wolves of Yellowstone National Park where they are protected. Because wolves don't recognize park boundaries, they can and do travel into areas where they are at risk. This map includes a section of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness outside of the national park where it is legal to hunt wolves (and other animals) in autumn.  While you won't see or directly interact with humans in the game, your wolf and pack members might be hunted if they leave the park.


All players must own the DLC map in order to choose that map for multiplayer games. The same modes are offered here as in Slough Creek: Story (raise pups), Territory Acquisition, and Free Roam.