Injuries are an integral system in the game: Real wolves must constantly balance risk and potential reward when hunting and fighting, so must players take that into account as they try to survive.

You and your mate can also suffer both minor and major injuries. Your current injuries are displayed in Pack Info. Mate injuries are indicated on the mate's health meter in the wolf badge.

Minor Injuries

You can sustain a minor injury at any time. This has a small penalty on one attribute.

While in this weakened state and if your also health falls below 60%, you risk getting a major injury, so you might want to avoid dangerous hunts and fights until healed.

Minor injuries take at least one day to heal. It will take longer if your health is below 90%.

Major Injuries

If you have sustained a minor injury, you are at risk for a major injury.

You can only have one major injury at a time.

Major injuries take at least two days to heal. It will take longer if your health is below 90%.

Types of Injuries

  • Jaw Injuries (bruised or fractured from ungulate kick) reduce Strength (biting power). With major jaw injuries, due to the pain, you'll eat more slowly and can't carry pups or objects for long.
  • Torso injuries (bruised or fractured rib, or slash or bite wound from a competitor) reduce Stamina. With major torso injuries, you'll also use stamina faster when sprinting.
  • Leg injuries (bruise, fracture, or slash or bite wound) reduce Speed. With major leg injuries, you'll have a limp and use stamina faster when sprinting.


Does sleep allow me to heal faster?

Sleep restores your health faster and, if your health above 90%, you will heal from an injury at the fastest rate.

Can NPC wolves get injuries too?

Yes, but it would be rare for you to see one limping, for example, as they would try to avoid risky encounters (you).

Can little pups get injured?

No, this injury system is only for adult wolves.

Is this injury system for prey too?

No, the injury system is only for wolves. Larger prey have variable health which is shown when you bite them. Their health decreases as you bite and chase them and recovers when they rest.

Are the body customizations part of the injury system?

No, body customizations (e.g torn ears, scars) are cosmetic (they don't affect stats in any way) and are not a part of the injury system.

Is there fall damage?

Not at this time.

Why can't I have a permanent limp?

Unlike in WolfQuest 2.7, a limp is no longer a cosmetic customization. If that was an option with this injury system, a cosmetic limp would have to disable the injury system, since you cannot have more than one major injury at a time. A one-injury limit allows gameplay to continue. Think about it: If you had two broken legs, for example, you'd just lay there and starve to death... which is just not very fun gameplay.

Can we get injuries in multiplayer?

Yes, the injury system is both single and multiplayer.

How does game difficulty affect injuries?

Risk of injuries is based on damage taken, so since you take less damage on lower difficulty levels, your chances of suffering an injury are also lower.

Can I turn off the injury system on Easy?

No, the injury system is integral to gameplay. It's easier to avoid injuries on Easy, since you take less damage when hunting and fighting.

Will you add blood, wounds, and/or dynamic scars?

Dynamic scars would be a great addition, but they pose significant technical challenges. Maybe someday!

Even though it would be realistic, we aren't adding effects for gory wounds or blood on any of the animals (other than carcasses). These effects would take a lot of work (and we have a long wish list). Also, when thinking about gore, we are mindful that WolfQuest is for a wide range of players (and their parents).