Some things to know about kicking: 

  • A kicked player cannot return to that game.
  • If the host kicks three people in a game, no new players can join that game.
  • Kicking should not be used to control gameplay or prevent players from participating in public games which are open to everyone.
  • Players agree to the multiplayer rules which include: No excessive kicking, or saving spaces for friends in public games.
  • WolfQuest tracks kicks automatically so hosts who kick excessively will likely hear from WQ admin. 

Report before you kick...

If a player in your game is breaking rules or being disruptive, first warn them to stop the behavior. If they persist, use the in-game report function (in Pack Stats) so admin can review the behavior and take appropriate action. Then go ahead and kick them and enjoy your game!

I got kicked for no reason! 

WolfQuest has an automatic kick tracking system to monitor hosts who kicking excessively. You do not need worry about reporting getting kicked, even if you feel it was unfair. If you were kicked, you are not able to use the in-game reporting system. So if you get kicked, just move on to a new a game. Consider hosting your own game and be the host you would like to see in multiplayer. 

Private games are great!

Private games are the way to go if you want only certain players or only players who play in a certain way. Don't kick to limit who is allowed in your game. When you find people with whom you are compatible, friend them so you can play private games in peace.