Pack Life and Territory Acquisition

Game types may be defined by the host to offer different activities during multiplayer. As of now, we offer two different modes of gameplay:

  • Pack Life is the standard online experience: hunt and survive, explore, chat or roleplay.
  • Territory Acquisition is a new game mode revolving around the claiming and holding of territory as a multiplayer pack vs. NPC stranger wolf packs.
  • COMING SOON! Raise Pups will be available with the release of Slough Creek

Room Size: At this time, multiplayer games may have up to eight players at once.

Public and Private Games With Friends

Public Games

  • WolfQuest public multiplayer games are open for everyone to join and include players from all over the world. When entering multiplayer games, you agree to be a friendly, respectful, and helpful player. Public multiplayer games are not a place to share personal information or criticize or condemn people on the basis of their race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, or political views.

Private Games with Friends

Set up a private game if you want to play with certain players. Private games choices are All Friends, Selected Friends, and Selected Packs.

Text Chat

Multiplayer games for 13 and up include text chat or no chat options.

Multiplayer text chat filters all messages through a list of inappropriate words and converts any it finds to asterisks. Players are required to use appropriate language and not circumvent the filters with creative spelling etc.

Players under age 13

  • are restricted to No Chat across all public multiplayer gameplay modes
  • can choose Text Chat in private (limited access) games with friends.
  • must comply with COPPA (Childrens' Online Privacy Protection Act), a U.S. regulation that requires us to have parent/guardian permission for anyone under the age of 13 who wishes to create a WolfQuest game or forum account. Learn more about COPPA.