Now that you've completed the Establish Territory Quest and your pup will be born soon, it's time to find a good place to raise your pups. You've already found several dens while exploring your territory, but there are many more to find. You can spend as much time as you like searching for the perfect den, but be careful! You also must maintain the strength of your territory, or risk incursion by stranger wolves once your pups arrive.

Find Den Sites

Maps are vast, with dozens of possible dens to discover under rocks, at the base of trees, or in abandoned burrows made by other animals such as coyotes and foxes. You can evaluate and choose one of the dens you already found during the Establish Territory Quest or look for more.

There are three ways to find dens:

  • By sight, looking for snow/dirt mounds and nooks under tree roots or rocks
  • Follow the den icon on your compass (see below)
  • Use scent view. Dens emit scents (floating den icon) which float downwind like other scents, so you can track these back to the source to find the den.

When you are near a possible den site, the Nearby Den icon will appear below your compass will grow brighter as you get closer to the den.

Once you find the den, you will be notified and it will be shown on the World Map.


Evaluate Dens

When selecting a den, decide whether you want wooded den or an open den.

  • Wooded dens are characterized by more tree cover in the area, which limits the ability of eagles to prey upon your pups. However, closed dens also generally have more ground cover, giving competitors like cougars more places to hide and attack your pups from.
  • Open dens are characterized by minimal tree and ground cover nearby. This makes them more vulnerable to eagle attacks, but cougars have fewer places to hide and ambush your pups.

Move to a New Den

Choosing a den is not final. Once your pups emerge from the den, you will be able to migrate to a new den, if needed. However, traveling with your pups is not without risk so you probably won't want to move unless you have to. To move, when you are at your den, go to Pack Info and you will have a button to move to a new den.


  • If you choose a dirt den, you will have to dig to enlarge it before progressing.
  • To enter your den, approach the entrance and press SPACEBAR. You can only enter your current den.

Once you have chosen your den, you will progress to the Raise Pups quest.