Here you'll continue to raise your pups over the summer. Keep them well fed so they continue to grow big and strong, to 20 pounds.

But life is not only about food. Relax in the sun. Loaf around and play with your pups. Enjoy yourself. It's summertime in Yellowstone, and you and your family are living the life of wild wolves!

Your Loafing Goal

Your pups are more mature now, but they aren't out of puphood yet. Your goal now is to get them all to at least 20 pounds, using the same tools as you did when they were first born.

You will need to keep your pups fed as they continue to grow. The elk herds have migrated to higher elevations, and ungulate young of all kinds are now ambulatory and traveling with the herds. 

And of course, keep socializing with your pups. Maintaining high pack affinity will help counterbalance their adventuresome spirits.

Don't forget to maintain your territory or you may face more numerous incursions by stranger wolves.

You can always move to another rendezvous site, though this does expose your pups to predators on the way.

Completing the Quest

Once all of your pups reach 20 pounds, you will have completed all the Slough Creek Quests! You've kept your pups alive and growing at the rendezvous site. Congratulations!

If you like, you can keep playing at the rendezvous site, in endless summer mode, while you await the Saga – coming sometime in the future.

Family Tree Snapshot

Upon completion of this final quest in Slough Creek, the game will take another snapshot of your family as it exists at that moment, recording information about your wolf, your mate, and your pups, both surviving and deceased. (The first snapshot is taken after finding a mate in Amethyst Mountain.)

You can view this data by going to the main menu, selecting your wolf in My Wolves, and clicking the Family Tree button.

The Family Tree viewer displays a simple outline of your pack. Click on each button to show that wolf and their attributes. Here you can also click the "Play As Wolf" button to make any pup grow up quickly and become a playable wolf in their own right. You can then play through the entire game as that grown pup, creating a new pack of their own, and so on.  (Note that you cannot change your grown pup's coat, sex, attributes, or personality, as they are already formed. Note also that you cannot make your mate into a playable wolf.)

Playing Again as Your Wolf and Aging Up (Age Perks)

Once you have completed the Slough Creek quests and reached Endless Summer, you can then start a new year in the life of your wolf and have a new litter of pups.

In the main menu, start a new game and go to Amethyst Mountain (if you want to find a new mate) or Slough Creek (by choosing an existing mate).

Once back in Slough Creek, after establishing a territory and finding a den, you will have the opportunity to advance in age on your birthday -- right before your new litter is born. Learn more about Age Perks.

The Saga Continues

The story of your pack will continue in the Saga -- an upcoming expansion (free to anyone who owns the game) where you can live the entire life of your wolf. The seasons roll by as you raise a new litter of pups every year: feeding them, defending them from competitors, and helping them learn how to hunt big prey. Yearlings help with the new pups until they too may decide to disperse and join or form another pack. With tenacity and skill (and some luck), build your legacy of skilled hunters and pack leaders! Can you survive long enough to become a legendary wolf of Yellowstone?