What to say:

Submit a polite and thorough email that fully demonstrates you understand the game rules and acknowledges your actions. Be sure to review the rules carefully. Thoughtfully demonstrate that you have a plan for being a more positive WQ community member going forward. WolfQuest admin will review your account and decide if your multiplayer privileges should be re-enabled. 


  • Be respectful and thoughtful. Full sentences are appreciated. 
  • Be specific about your past behavior and tell us what you will do differently going forward. 
  • Things NOT to say: 
    • I didn't do it. (I was hacked. My sibling/friend/goldfish was using my account.)
    • This is unfair! Other players were doing it too. 
    • But they made me so mad! 

If you have questions about why your account was restricted, reply to the email you received from WolfQuest.