If your account has been restricted or banned, you may request the WolfQuest team to review your account status by replying directly to the email you received from WolfQuest about your account.

What to say:

Submit a polite and thorough email that fully demonstrates you understand the game rules and acknowledges your actions. Be sure to review the rules carefully. Thoughtfully demonstrate that you have a plan for being a more positive WQ community member going forward. WolfQuest admin will review your account and decide if your multiplayer privileges should be re-enabled. 


  • Be respectful and thoughtful. Full sentences are appreciated. 
  • Be specific about your past behavior and tell us what you will do differently going forward. 
  • Things not to say: 
    • I didn't do it. (I was hacked. My sibling/friend/goldfish was using my account.)
    • This is unfair! Other players were doing it too. 
    • But they made me so mad! 

If you have questions about why your account was restricted, reply to the email you received from WolfQuest.