The newest version of MacOS, called Catalina and released in September 2019, adds additional security restrictions to prevent potentially dangerous apps from running on Mac computers. One of these is the requirement that each and every app is "notarized" by Apple. This requirement is not scheduled to be enforced until 2020, but it may be enabled on some user's systems.
We will be updating both games for to comply with this requirement before it is necessary, but the meantime, if either version of WolfQuest crashes or isn't allowed to run on your Mac, please read this doc from Apple.
Specifically, look at the "Allow apps downloaded from:" section: Most likely, it has "App Store only" checked. If you change that to "App Store and identified developers," then both games should run. (We are an identified developer.)
Another option is described in this article.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Apple has been adding extra security restrictions for the past few years, and we've happily kept up with them since app security is important, but this latest one presents a lot more hurdles and we haven't gotten through them yet.