The lively WolfQuest Community Discord is an invite-only server and is run by player moderators.



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The “WolfQuest: the official game group” is an active online community where you can discuss the game with other players, and share artwork and stories about wolves. https://www.facebook.com/groups/19909329025/








WolfQuest Wiki

A remarkable repository of information about WolfQuest 2.7 and WQ:AE is on the fan-managed the wiki: http://wolfquest.wikia.com/

WolfQuest Community Forums

The WolfQuest Community Forum is available to anyone and everyone from the WolfQuest homepage by clicking the 'Community' button on the navigation menu found on the top side of the page.

These days, the forum is pretty quiet since most players gather on Discord or other social media. But there's a lot of great content and memories there! Through the forum, players may discuss, share feedback and ideas for and ask questions about the game or the forum itself, talk about wolves and other canids, nature and wildlife, domestic pets, and a variety of non-WolfQuest topics such as discussing other games and consoles, playing forum games and much more.

This is a public forum. A large portion of its content is available to guests who do not possess an account with which to login, through participation is members-only and requires a verified forum account.

The WolfQuest dev blog is also housed on the forum. You can access it directly at https://wolfquest.org/blog



11/21/2023: WolfQuest is no longer posting or participating on Twitter aka X.