In the real world, wolves are one false move or unlucky kick away from death. In WolfQuest, you too can live life on the edge by choosing Ironwolf mode when creating a wolf. This is a hardcore mode for players who really want to live the life of a wild wolf.

Ironwolf mode

  • You can select Ironwolf mode only when creating a new wolf.
  • When you start a new game with an ironwolf, only Challenging and Accurate difficulty levels are available options. (Playing Ironwolf on Easy would be rather silly.) 
  • You can have only one save file. The game auto-saves every two minutes. You can manually save as well, updating that single autosave. 
  • If the game ends without the ironwolf dying (for example, if all your pups die), then you can start a new game with it in the main menu. 
  • If an ironwolf dies, it is permanently dead. You can view it in My Wolves, but you cannot start a new game with it. 
  • If your ironwolf survives the entire Slough Creek arc, you can start a new game in Amethyst Mountain or Slough Creek to continue it's life for another year.
  • If an ironwolf reaches age eight, it will be an "Elder Ironwolf". Elder wolves will grow slower and weaker, losing one point on all physical attributes, representing the decline in physical prowess and death will come. Read more about Age Perks and Elder Wolf: Age Perks
  • Ironwolves are not playable in multiplayer games.
  • For the ultimate challenge, enable Permadeath on your mate!

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