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How many players can play?

Multiplayer games may have up to eight players in Pack Life and Territory Acquisition mods. Slough Creek's Story mode (raising pups) has smaller packs, with 2-5 players (to avoid crowding and navigation issues around the homesite and more importantly, to avoid having to crank up the game challenges to an extreme and unrealistic degree just to maintain game balance.

What are the current multiplayer maps?

You can now play multiplayer on all the maps: Amethyst Mountain, Slough Creek, Lost River map (DLC). and Lost River Classic.

There will also be future maps such as Tower Fall (DLC)

Can we raise pups in Multiplayer?

Yes, in Story mode.

How do pup genetics work in Multiplayer?

Since most wolf packs are families, they share a common gene pool. The two parents bring their own genetic diversity to the family, but offspring share their parents' DNA in various combinations. So the game draws on everyone's genes when calculating the pups' genes. While this  is not a perfect solution and doesn't capture the complexity of some Yellowstone packs, for our purposes it is a pretty good solution that meets our needs. Genes determine each pup's appearance, personality, and attributes. There are no assigned/designated parents in Multiplayer games and the whole pack raise the pups together. 

In Multiplayer, can all players name pups?

Yes, each player in the game when the pups are born can name at least one pup.

In Multiplayer, can you play as pups?

No. Pups have much less to do during the day than adults, and offer fairly limited gameplay opportunities, so all players take the role of adult wolves in the pack. (Typically, a pack has two parents and one to four subordinate wolves, who most commonly are grown offspring or otherwise-related wolves.)

Does the Family Tree apply to Multiplayer?

No, the Family Tree and playing as your adult pups is Singleplayer only.

Can I play an Ironwolf in Multiplayer?

No, Ironwolves are not playable in multiplayer games.

How do Age Perks apply to Multiplayer?

You cannot advance in age in Multiplayer games but many Age Perks that you choose in Singleplayer are in effect in Multiplayer. See the details about which ones and how they help your MP pack here: Age Perks

Can we fight other wolves?

Yes, you can fight NPC "stranger" wolves.

No, you cannot fight/harm your pack members.

Will the Accelerated Time mode in Slough Creek Multiplayer be available in Singleplayer?


Can we run dedicated multiplayer servers?

Not at this time.