v1.1.2g - Released 4 June 2024


  • Known Wolves: NPC wolves spawned on other maps are not assigned names at birth.
  • Hellroaring Mountain DLC: Territory hexes on east edge of map are unclaimable.
  • Hellroaring Mountain DLC: Chewed Radio Collar mispositioned when summer pup is carrying it.
  • Small white sphere at entrance to one Amethyst den.
  • One AM den doesn't glow in scent view.
  • Minor terrain and water issues.

v1.1.2f - Released 29 May 2024


  • Multiplayer: Some wolves having no origin pack name in Known Wolves panel.

  • Multiplayer: Some wolves disappear from Known Wolves panel,

  • In some situations, excessive number of NPC wolves spawned in rival packs.

  • At at least one Rendezvous Site, pups refuse to go into tall grass.

  • Pup pathfinding issues at a few dens.

  • Small Dot coat: White around the eyes.

  • Hellroaring DLC: A few scent posts are beyond map borders.

  • Minor issues at a few dens.

  • Lost River DLC: Increased translucency of some windows.

  • Minor terrain issues.

v1.1.2d - Released 20 April 2024


  • NPC animals can ascend into the sky at some spots around the basalt boulder fields.

  • Some dirt dens disappear at too close of a distance.

v1.1.2c - Released 19 April 2024


  • Added boulders to basalt boulder fields on Basic Sky & Vegetation mode (but they are similar to grass and will not appear if grass distance slider is at minimum).
  • Improved invisible walls around basalt boulder fields.


  • The special dreams for the Enchanted Dreams achievement only appear after you unlock the achievement, not when unlocking it. Also, color effects are applied to those and other dreams but should not be (making them too dark and contrasty). Also, all four special dreams do not reliably appear.
  • One rendezvous site is misassigned in Across the Wide Yellowstone achievement, so that won't unlock if you moved from or to that site.
  • Pup pathfinding issues at some dens.
  • Northwest territory config preview image has missing and incorrect homesites.
  • Player gets stuck in place when trying to dig out one dirt den.
  • Two dens occasionally are pink in certain situations.
  • Minor terrain, river, and den visual issues.
  • Multiplayer: Rival pack sizes are often too large, since yearlings are included when applying the multiplayer based on number of players.

v1.1.2b - Released 15 April 2024


In Hellroaring Mountain, the Enchanted Dreams achievement had two problems: The visual effect of the Enchanted Forest area extended out farther than the achievement trigger zone, so you might think you were in the right area but wouldn't get the achievement after sleeping. And the wrong dream images were used. This is corrected now, and if you've already unlocked this achievement, you can go back to the Enchanted Forest anytime and sleep to see the correct special dreams.


  • Reduced number of wolverines on the map a bit.


  • Reduced persistence of competitors at carcasses (had increased that a bit recently).


  • Two dens (both with a dead log above the dirt hole) had the same ID, which caused problems when loading saves: Den Memory only recognized one of the two, and your mate and pups would sometimes decide that they belonged at the other den and head off cross-country towards it. This is fixed now, but may cause some problems still when loading those saves.
  • Enchanted Dreams achievement uses wrong set of dream images.
  • NPC wolves can fall off of bridges.
  • Pup pathfinding troubles at several dens.
  • Invisible dirt mound collider at one den.
  • Some dirt dens become invisible at too close of a distance.
  • On Basic Sky & Vegetation mode: Several dense clusters of trees.
  • Minor visual issues with den holes.
  • Scent post on southwest hex is beyond border. (Fixed in new games.)
  • Tall grass patches in a few unhelpful spots.
  • Various terrain, vegetation, and water issues.
  • Foxes are not afraid of wolverines.


  • In Lost River DLC map, several achievements that involve sleeping don't work.
  • Multiplayer: After host transfer, new host's wolf is cloned.
  • Sometimes mate goes into den and comes back out repeatedly.
  • Typos.

v1.1.2a - Released 12 April 2024


  • Refinements to elk behavior when fleeing wolf: increased speed a bit, increased spacing between elk, reduced excessive jostling. Should be noticeably smoother movements now.
  • Many minor fixes and improvements to Hellroaring terrain, rocks, and water.
  • Added more colliders around the large basalt boulder fields. Those are not meant to be entered.
  • Reduced the slowdown effect somewhat on wolves in deep snow.
  • Tweaks to leucistic elk texture.


  • Some very old save files are corrupted when loading into game now. (Those saves should work now.)
  • Sometimes danger music does not stop after crossing back into park.
  • Snowshoe collectible object does not emit airborne scents.
  • Can't pick up traffic cone at one spot.
  • On low graphics quality settings on Mac, some big rock outcrops are pink.
  • Wolverine coat looks bad when no fur is enabled.

v1.1.2 - Released 11 April 2024


Hellroaring Mountain rises above the Yellowstone River in north-central Yellowstone, several kilometers west of Slough Creek. The largest granite mountain in the park, Hellroaring overlooks the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone and, further south, the rolling hills leading up to the Blacktail Deer Plateau. This DLC is available for purchase for $US10. In the game, start a new game, select Hellroaring Mountain Preview, and click the Purchase button (or the Preview button to load the map for a 10 minute test session).


  • 8x8 kilometer map (almost 30% larger than the other WQ:AE Yellowstone maps).
  • Most of the map is within Yellowstone National Park, where wolves are protected, but the map extends about a kilometer north of the park boundary into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.
  • The full arc of quests, from learning to hunt through raising pups. (That currently brings you to Endless Summer, but once the Saga is completed, it will be available here as well as in other maps.)
  • Wolverines. These feisty competitors are mainly found in the high country north of the Yellowstone River. They will put up a fierce fight over carcasses.
  • All the animals found in other Yellowstone maps, except beavers. (They don't live in this area, not enough slow creeks.)
  • Fifteen new achievements.
  • Over 30 new dreams featuring Hellroaring animals and landmarks.


Elk Hunt: Adjusted elk speed logic so it's easier to catch up to the herd and stay with the herd without excessive sprinting.
Elk Hunt: Adjusted damage dealt by elk to wolves -- it's now higher when elk have high stamina and gradually drops as those drop. (This was already occuring, but now the min and max effects are much greater. The goal is to reward patience, chasing the herd to tire them out, and to identify the weaker elk -- the latter has been too quick and easy to do.)
Elk Hunt: Reduced odds of stumbling on most elk (but greatly increased them for bull and spike elks, the odds were extremely low for them.)
Multiplayer: Reduced rival wolf multiplier during den raids a bit, when there are only two players in the game.
Modest reduction in size of rival wolf raiding partly in multiplayer, based on number of players in the game.
On all maps, moved rival pack homesites so hexes can be claimed, and NPC wolves should usually not be beyond world borders. (Only applies to new games).
Increased minimum number of dispersal groups on each map.
Reduced maximum health penalty a bit for elk in April and May.
Revised some code for toggling den scent glow in different seasons (should not have any visible effect).
Cougar: Increased movement speed during charge attack.


  • Fix some packs missing homesite on upgrade save to pp
  • Persistent packs: Disbanding packs sometimes are not instantly removed when jumping ahead to next year.
  • Dispersal wolves move back and forth between hexes to much.
  • Summer pup can carry grizzly bear skull, though it's awfully big for them.
  • Lost River: Dispersals still getting into ranch area.
  • Pups will circle predators at too long of a distance.
  • Cougar charge attack has an indefinite duration.
  • Idle music plays for a second when doing emotes while moving.
  • Some cougar vocalizations are too quiet.
  • HUD becomes visible after screenshot when HUD is hidden by dreams.
  • File sync misses info when game starts with sync disabled.
  • World Map locator maps don't update when moving to another map.
  • Chat panel disappears when HUD is hidden.

v1.1.1g - Released 12 February 2024


  • Unlockable coats (formerly called NPC coats). Now when you raise a pup with one of these coats, that coat is unlocked in Wolf Customization after you generate the summertime Family Tree snapshot. (Only works in new games, not retroactive. There are some cheat-prevention methods in place so you can't share wolf saves with other players to let them unlock a coat.)
  • Among real wolves, males are more likely to disperse to find a mate. Females are more likely to stay in their natal (family) pack. We have added this behavior to the game. So now, when looking for a mate, you'll find more males in the dispersal groups, and more females interested in courtship in rival packs. A red heart icon on the compass indicates courtable wolves (when they howl back) and on the Scent View panel.
  • Multiplayer map moving: You can now move to another Yellowstone map in multiplayer games.


  • A few pup coats have changed a bit, retroactively (to get better matches in the pup-to-adult coat sequence in the Saga).


  • Persistent Pack code was refactored to make it more robust, which should not have any changes except as noted here, but might create new bugs, please report if you see any!
  • Yearlings are now called Yearlings until their second birthday -- but they can potentially disperse before that birthday. (Previously they changed to Subordinates at 18 months of age, to allow dispersing, due to a limitation in the code.)
  • Reduced rival pack aggressiveness after player intrudes into their territory from 24 hour cooldown to 8 hours. (So you can return much sooner if you're trying to court a pack wolf.)
  • Reduced odds of dispersal wolf finding another dispersal as mate (to reduce dispersal churn).
  • Increased odds of mortality for older wolves in rival packs. (Should also make packs a bit more likely to disband periodically.)
  • Improvements to 9F coat.
  • Adjusted odds of certain wolf coats higher or lower.
  • Persistent Packs: Added a delay before widowed pack leaders can find a new mate.
  • Wolf nametags are now controlled independently from HUD, using N key to toggle on/off
  • Multiplayer: If player goes AFK while in den, their wolf automatically exits the den so as not to prevent game progress.
  • Multiplayer: Greatly reduced the number of dispersal wolves in non-Story games (since they aren't needed and can get annoying).
  • Increased minimum number of dispersal wolves on each map at any given time.
  • Added info about dispersal differences to Find a Mate: Tips text.
  • Controller: Enabled auto-scroll when using controller to navigate in Known Wolves panel.
  • Controller: Improvements to controller navigation of Known Wolves panel.
  • Controller: All Tab menu buttons remain visible now, with highlight of the one selected, to help with navigating the tab buttons.
  • Controller, switching tabs with shoulder buttons navigates to left/right from selected button.


  • Female wolf doesn't look pregnant after going from Establish Territory to Find a Den quest.
  • Player-wolf is invisible in scent view when switched to Carmella mode.
  • Game stalls when in Reminisce mode and trying to jump ahead to next year (which should not be possible).
  • Player-wolf can go beyond the map border when bite-holding prey, which can lead to a long forced-walk back into the map afterwards.
  • Multiplayer: Pups repeatedly playbowing the wrong parent when they switch to an absent favorite parent.
  • Multiplayer: On Known Wolves panel, dead pack wolves are not synced correctly.
  • Longer pack names are truncated on the World Map legend.
  • Controller: Can't access Departed Wolves section on Known Wolves panel.
  • Known Wolves: Yearlings can die when pack disbands even if old enough to disperse,
  • Persistent Packs: Rival packs don't disband (or see other changes) if player has reached the end-date of the current quest.
  •  Persistent Packs: Unborn pups not removed from rival pack when it disbands.
  • Persistent Packs: Unborn pups are not removed from rival pack if female breeder dies.
  • Light rain audio is too quiet.
  • Mate pathfinding issue near Lost River (DLC) ghost town den.
  • When moving to another map with a trial mate, trial period ends automatically when arriving at the other map.
  • Lost River DLC: In wintertime, an invisible floor in coffeeshop is higher than the visible floor.
  • Known Wolves: Unborn pups immediately grow into yearlings.
  • File sync throws an error if manually triggered again while already in progress.
  • Pup said to have starved to death when it was really killed (in rare situation).
  • Controller: Physical keyboard doesn't work when renaming mate or pup.
  • Dispersal wolves go into ranch area.
  • Can get stuck underground after certain sequence of events and map-moving in Find Den quest.
  • Error after a dispersal NPC group fought a territory NPC group and won.
  • Error when loading saves from a short period of 2021.
  • Known Wolves: Dispersals can return to a natal pack that no longer exists.
  • Error thrown when trying to delete many save games
  • Pathfinding issues at several dens.
  • Typo in rival pack name.
  • Various terrain issues.

v1.1.1f - Released 5 January 2024


  • In Game Settings: Audio, new toggle for Eating Noises (actually added in v1.1.1 in December).
  • Known Wolves: Keyboard shortcut added, press K key to open this panel directly.
  • Improved blocking functionality: On the Account: Friends panel, you can now search for a username and then either send them a friend request, or block them (so you can block someone without getting a friend request from them first). And in multiplayer games, the wolf Info tab has now Block button.
  • When set in the main menu, Mate Permadeath and Difficulty settings are remembered when starting games in the future.
  • Account panel: New "Sync Now" button to manually sync files with cloud.


  • Multiplayer achievements that require raising pups to summertime fail to unlock when they should. (If you have an Endless Summer save from such a game where you should have earned one of those achievements, load it and it'll be unlocked.)
  • Known Wolves panel: After your mate dies, under Departed Wolves they are listed as traveling to another map with another mate. (This fix is not retroactive.)
  • Known Wolves panel: Sometimes dispersals switch to another origin pack if you reject them after courtship.
  • Known Wolves panel: When toggling Dead Wolves option, the rows of just-disbanded pack will overlap those for an active pack.
  • Known Wolves panel: In certain cases, wolf nickname can't be edited.
  • Multiplayer: One player can select and edit wolf bio text for another player (but changes aren't saved)
  • Multiplayer: Wolf nametag is not displayed for dead wolves waiting to revive.
  • Multiplayer: If client player-wolf only has birth name-number, no nickname, it stalls when joining a game.
  • Camera FOV (field of view) switches to normal when game is paused, regardless of current FOV.
  • Some pronghorn carcasses appear to inflate some while being consumed.
  • Rejected trial mate can't accept that you're just not that into them.
  • Occasionally the text for the mate bio in Pack Info isn't displayed, because the panel is scrolled out of view.
  • Player's previous home hex remains after pack takes over a disbanded pack's home hex, resulting in two homes for the player pack.
  • Occasionally the mate gets stuck going in circles, unable to decide between socializing with pups who are near some food, and moving away from that food.
  • When away from the den, woofing at mate to go home also tells pups to go into the den.
  • Pup keeps "circling" predators even after the predator moves away.
  • When loading very old saves, player-wolf with dead mate and living pups is given Dispersal role instead of Courtable Breeder role.
  • Issues with Add/Remove Favorite emote button on some display resolutions.
  • Courtship stalls out in certain circumstances.
  • Mate does not close eyes when howling.
  • Sometimes beaver swims through air above water surface.
  • Slough Creek: Small ranger cabin has pink floor inside.
  • A few den pathfinding issues.
  • Terrain issues.

v1.1.1d - Released 22 December 2023


  • When game launches, briefly there's no grass in main menu.
  • Rival pack home hexes decay extremely slowly after pack disbands.
  • If player takes over the homesite hex of a disbanded rival pack, that hex is re-assigned to the rival pack when the game is saved and reloaded.

v1.1.1c - Released 20 December 2023


  • After player Jumps Ahead to Next Year, rival packs have no territory, causing them to move away instantly unless very lucky, (Regression from v1.1.1a fix)

v1.1.1b - Released 20 December 2023


  • All dispersal wolves spawn in same location, causing performance issues in new games and causing saved games to fail to load.

v1.1.1a - Released 20 December 2023


  • If pup is never given a nickname, it has no display-name after player makes it a grown wolf (it appears at beginning of alphabetical order, but is not findable in search, and causes MP game to hang if used). Now it defaults to use it's number-name so it's easier to find and give a nickname in wolf customization.
  • Known Wolves: After player moves to another map, known wolves can be listed in the wrong map section.
  • Incoming rival packs can select a homesite that's on an unclaimable hex (in certain MP modes like Pack Life).
  • Courtable breeders can be interested in courtship with player-wolf.
  • Rejected trial mates try to return to already disbanded/moved away pack instead of becoming dispersals.
  • Yearlings can age up twice.
  • In Amethyst, rival packs can claim some off-map hexes, slowing their disappearance from the map after disbanding. (Note that hexes will still take many days to fade after a rival pack disbands. The hexes don't know that the pack is gone.)


v1.1.1 - Released 19 December 2023

NEW: Persistent Packs

Rival packs now have lives of their own: growing, shrinking, and changing over the course of years. Most of this is invisible to players, but should make the game feel more realistic.

  • When packs lose a pack leader (breeder), the remaining leader must find a mate soon or the pack will disband.
  • If a pack disbands, a new pack will soon move in to claim that vacancy on the territory map.
  • If you Jump Ahead to Next Year, rival territories will show accumulated change.
  • The new Known Wolves panel in Pack Info lists rival and dispersal wolves that the player has encountered. The player can give any of those wolves a nickname there. 
  • In multiplayer, NPC wolves are known to the pack as a group, not to individual players, so they'll be listed for everyone if any player has encounterd them.

Existing saves will be upgraded to the new system when loaded.

NEW: Moving to another map.

  • When you do not have any young pups, you can travel from one Yellowstone map to another (so currently only AM<>SC).
  • To do so, go to border area indicated on the World Map and you'll be asked if you want to travel to the other map.
  • This is currently only in single-player; we're working on multiplayer but unsure when it'll be ready.


  • Lost River DLC: Added some winter holiday decorations.
  • When ungulate is doing standing defense, added a half-second delay before ungulate can kick wolf after wolf drops off from a bite-hold.
  • Sometimes pup appear to freeze during predator attacks -- they're actually just standing still, watching the predator, but now they will slowly circle the attacker so they don't appear to be frozen.
  • Lost River: Some revisions to feral dog spawning to have more variety in pack composition and reduce odds of den raids by them.
  • "Den Flooded" popup only appears now when player is at home, to avoid issues with pups and flooded den when player is away from home.
  • When looking for a mate, dispersals within 2.5km now show even if alone (previously was only if in groups of two or more).
  • Some pup coat colors tweaked to match older pup coats.
  • Rearranged buttons in End Ironwolf Run to make "End Run" (and delete Ironwolf save) less likely.
  • Multiplayer: Increased the affinity multiplier for larger numbers of player-wolves in Story mode.
  • Added on-map label for going to other YNP map.
  • Reduced/eliminated the cause of some lag spikes, especially around NPC animals.
  • Added black border to other game maps.
  • Made pack name always editable in Pack Info
  • Added more debugging for problems with display resolution/fullscreen switching unexpectedly -- please report if you have any problems staying in your selected display mode.
  • Shortened the clumsy walk phase for young pups.


  • When players sends mate back to homesite, mate stops just short of the homesite area, so pups do not come out of the den or tall grass.
  • Pups still sometimes twitch when trying to get to food.
  • When picking up a meat chunk, mate prevents player-wolf from eating for a moment.
  • Multiplayer: In certain circumstances, too many rival wolves are spawned.
  • Missing animation when some feral dogs attack player-wolf (might cause game crash?)
  • Sometimes you can't pick up a skull.
  • Lost River: Pup killed by dog doesn't unlock Natural Selection achievement.
  • Lost River: Sometimes mate won't exit ranch area when player does.
  • Sometimes pups ignore a moose calf carcass.
  • Slough Creek: Terrain lacks texturing in Early Spring on Very Low terrain quality.
  • Improved Avert Gaze emote when wolf is sitting or lying down.
  • Multiplayer: Favorite Parent system bugs (switching parents is unreliable, pups do not follow their favorite parents during journeys, nor do they go greet their new favorite parents when they switch).
  • Controller: Pressing controller button to close notifications can also trigger a wolf action.
  • Display mode (windowed/fullscreen) settings switch unexpectedly.
  • Woof command can't be canceled with a squeak.
  • Beavers run in circles when trying to pick up a stick.
  • In certain situations, mate gets stuck when trying to leave for hunting.
  • Wolf spawns on top of boulder when jumping ahead at a few rendezvous sites.
  • Changing between Basic and Enhanced Sky & Vegetation modes sometimes renders wrong season for grass.
  • Pathfinding issues at a couple dens.
  • Slough Creek coyote den has wrong scent glow.
  • Some rocks at Amethyst rock den always have the wet look.
  • Lost River: Terrain gap in far corner of the map.
  • When starting new game in Amethyst with a mate, waterfalls are both frozen and liquid.
  • In springtime, Amethyst beaver dens are underwater.
  • At one SC rock den, you're forced to put down an object when entering the den, but can't reach it to pick it up again.
  • Sometimes mate does not do eating animation when eating
  • In very particular situations, mate will pick up pup and walk away and return to home site.
  • Glitches can occur if you pick up a pup while it's walking into the den to go to sleep.
  • Portable Picnic achievement doesn't recognize pronghorn fawn.
  • Pups standing around meat chunks and won't eat.
  • When jumping ahead to next year, "Survival of the Pack" is listed as the current quest instead of "Establish Territory".
  • Spike elk antler floats above ground.
  • Bison do damage before playing their attack animations.
  • Mate fails to put pup in den after being summoned to hunt.
  • Several issues with pathfinding around dens.
  • Various minor issues with terrain.


v1.1.0i - Released 19 October 2023


  • Mate won't drop snowshoe hare after killing it.
  • Multiplayer: Wolf leaps when pressing X to close dialog window.
  • Cannot submit bug report when amongst an elk herd -- if you find the elk herd and attack an elk within a few minutes after starting a new game.
  • Lost River DLC: Wintertime mispositioning of a Halloween structure.
  • Lost River DLC: Snow accumulates on objects inside Carmella's Pizzeria.
  • Minor terrain issues.


v1.1.0h - Released 18 October 2023


  • On MacOS: Added native Apple Silicon support, so players with M1 and M2 Macs will see much better CPU performance. (GPU performance is unchanged, so this will be noticeable only when the game simulation is the determining factor on FPS.)
  • Lost River: Reduced odds of feral dog packs.
  • A few more Halloween decorations in Lost River DLC map


  • Typing an "x" in game name closes the Save panel.
  • Lost River: Poisoned cattle carcass contains no poison.
  • In multiplayer games, in certain circumstances, rival wolf pack groups are at maximum size for eight players, regardless of number of players actually in the game.
  • When player sends mate home, mate stops just short of den and doesn't let pups out of den.
  • Achievement "Look what the wolf dragged in" can be unlocked with antlers and skulls, rather than only human objects.
  • Achievement "Portable Picnic" cannot be unlocked with pronghorn fawn carcass.


v1.1.0g - Released 21 September 2023


  • Wolf bio is greatly truncated in Lost River DLC map.
  • Death music plays repeatedly (mainly noticeable on multiplayer).
  • Pronghorn meat chunks don't glow in scent view.
  • Enter key doesn't reliably trigger the OK function on some dialog panels (like Save Game).
  • Faint half-circle at top of strong hex sprite image.
  • Lost River: Portable objects still have snow indoors in corner of Horseshoe Lounge.
  • Minor terrain issues.


v1.1.0f - Released 19 September 2023


  • Lost River: A few stray cats hang out on favorite perches, safely out of any canine's reach. Keep your eyes peeled in downtown, the carnival/park area, and the ghost town area.
  • In-Game Messages: Added a multi-delete option.


  • Pups now prioritize going into den, howling with packmates, over eating food.
  • Lost River: Reduced the odds of stray dog den raids.
  • Lost River: Reduced damage from wintertime cattle calves.
  • Snow now doesn't accumulate on collectible objects (human objects, antlers, skulls) when indoors.
    Made Peaceful Death input static (to avoid problems when player remaps keyboard inputs).
  • Game difficulty setting is now remembered when going back to main menu and starting new games.
  • Removed wolf skull on fossilized tree stump in Amethyst's Fossil Forest (to avoid confusion with new skulls).


  • Multiplayer: Fixed Schedule can be unknowingly selected when starting a new game.
  • Snow flickers on and off pronghorn fawn carcass.
  • Switching to scent view while waking up from sleep does not show scents.
  • Lost River: Corrected some tombstones in pioneer cemetery.
  • Research airplane freezes in the sky if wolf that it's tracking dies.
  • Sometimes game window resizes itself.
  • Multiplayer: Trap errors on Host when client player gets trapped, causing problems.
  • Text wrapping issues on Bio labels on Pack info tab.
  • When getting a new mate before Endless Summer, family tree is regenerated, but it shouldn't be, not yet.
  • A few notification texts say "(sprite)" instead of the correct tag for displaying the sprite.
  • When screen is faded out, input is not disabled if there is an input notification on screen.
  • Appropriate notification texts are not displayed when ironwolf dies and have pups.
  • Mate tries to put pups in den (and possibly triggering flooding popup) when switching from one lone hunt state to another.
  • Pup sometimes twitches back and forth when trying to get to food.
  • Predators engaged in a den raid sometimes follow mate when on a hunting excursion, making it impossible for player to deal with them and end the raid.
  • Player can't pick up a pup that the mate has just woofed to go into the den.
  • Pup navigation issue when trying to sleep with another pup close to player.
  • Cougar takes a long time to reach player-pack if the player has moved away from it (during a journey).
  • Fox carcass fur doesn't respond correctly to player's fur quality settings.
  • On low graphics quality levels, a chunk of terrain is missing in the distance on Amethyst Mountain.
  • Lost River: The cow skull counts towards the multiplayer Headhunters achievement, but should not.
  • Lost River: Deep snow can get very deep on western rural roads.
  • Lost River: No short grass around dens in fall season.
  • Lost River: Asphalt and sidewalks are not aged and cracked open.
  • Lost River: Pups can't reach food near airplane den.
  • Lost River: Rival wolves can pass through cattle ranch fence.
  • Lost River: Learn to Hunt quest intro shows tip text.
  • Minor water and terrain issues.

v1.1.0e - Released 24 August 2023


  • When a wolf dies at age 8 or older (either during sleep or peaceful death), the family tree is not generated/updated.
  • Lost River (DLC): In the month of May, aspen trees in the distance are missing their leaves.
  • Typo.
  • Minor terrain issues.

v1.1.0d - Released 22 August 2023


  • Collectible antlers and animal skulls. These are spawned around the map at the start of a new game (so they do not appear in existing saves). Skulls are distributed throughout all game maps except Lost River-Classic. Antlers are as well, but most are found on low ridges overlooking the valleys, where bull elk congregate in late winter.
  • Six new achievements for collecting antlers and skulls and more. (Achievement icons by Loach.)
  • Packs of stray dogs in Lost River (DLC) now include some mutts, which have more variety of body shapes and coats.
  • Bull elk get a variety of antler shapes now. One-year-old spike have a single spike and two-year-olds have a double spike.
  • A lost dog has learned to survive in the wilderness.


  • Reduced player intimidation multiplier on competitors from snarl and growl.
  • Prevent golden eagles from hanging at the den when not wanting to kill a pup.
  • Player injuries are now healed in April, in the 4-week time jump when pups are born.
  • Increased odds of carcass spawning when player is low on health.
  • Added a notification if the player's computer drive won't let the game access it.
  • Improved saturation readout and controls on Territory Map Colors panel.
  • Increased the rate that snow melts a bit in winter months.
  • Quicker eat animation when rival wolves grab a quick bite to eat during a fight or den raid.
  • When player-wolf leaves home, the notification about leaving pups outside is no longer displayed if a pup is lost.
  • In wolf customization, changed label for Neck Ruff to Cheek Ruff.
  • Lost River DLC: Adjusted world borders to better match prey animals' borders.
  • Multiplayer: If host migration takes too long to complete, it's now canceled so players can resume playing and try again.
  • Multiplayer: For hosts, the Transfer Host button will now be always active -- and if transfer is currently not allowed (due to gameplay situations, like a player is inside the den), a notification is shown.


  • Multiplayer: If two wolves try to pick up an object at the same time, then neither one can pick it up
  • If rival wolves are near the ranch and howl, that alerts the rancher who then shoots the player-wolf.
  • On Amethyst map, NPC animals can go beyond player border on northern side of Lamar River.
  • Hare carcass doesn't glow in scent view.
  • Beaver carcass doesn't get gory when consumed.
  • "Smells Fishy" achievement won't unlock.
  • Last surviving prey animal in a group (such as mother after calf/fawn is killed) doesn't flee properly.
  • Mate when out on excursions keeps getting into fights, then end immediately (no gameplay effect, but possible performance impact).
  • Tweaks to dynamic snow appearance in some seasons.
  • Deep snow gap by warehouses.
  • Beavers crossing long distances on land"
  • Sick pup won't move away from food
  • Mate doesn't help kill beaver if it's in shallow water
  • Can get into a carcass fight with a golden eagle
  • In certain situations, pups get lost when mate sends them to the den.
  • In certain topography, beavers can get stuck and can't reach the patch to wood resources.
  • Various den pathfinding and collision issues.
  • Wolves can scratch repeatedly when flea load is high,
  • Player can get stuck if digging a new den when Raise Pups ends.
  • Mate can slack off right at the den entrance, blocking player.
  • Grizzlies can do damage just beyond their swipe reach.
  • Sometimes a long delay at start of den fight, before competitor comes looking for a pup.
  • Long delay when finishing courtship and choosing a trial mate, if you have a large number of Family Tree snapshots.
  • Multiplayer: Ungulates can lay down and go to sleep next to players who want to revive.
  • Multiplayer: Game can get stuck if the reconnect attempt fails before connection to the master server is established.
  • Deep snow issue at a tree den in Lost River.
  • Glitch with pronghorn consumption "deflation".
  • No short grass around Baer Bluffs den.
  • Rejected courtables come to eat your food.
  • Player can get stuck in scratching action inside den.
  • When Fur is disabled, wolves still have fur when inside the den.
  • On Setup New Game panel, list Territory Quest before Pack Life on Mission dropdown.
  • Some issues with display of fallback generic glyphs.
  • Very old save files don't load Junction Butte packs properly.
  • Sometimes wolf's eyes are closed when they should not be, or vice versa.
  • On Bug Reporter panel, at lower resolutions, underline on Knowledge Base link is misaligned.
  • Occasionally Photo Mode shows two overlapping icons.
  • Wrong Tips text in Lost River (DLC) Learn to Hunt panel.
  • Lost River DLC: Error with poisoned carcass can cause problems.
  • Lost River DLC: Stray dogs don't turn their heads in the direction of turns.
  • Lost River boardwalks at Lil' Yellowstone are invisible from underneath.
  • Lost River DLC: In certain situations, chunk-loading process throws errors, sometimes can hurt performance.
  • Lost River (DLC:) Domestic Cows mooing repeatedly.
  • Lost River (DLC:) A few issues with distant terrains on low quality graphics.
  • Lost River (DLC): A few waterfalls are missing colliders.
  • Lost River (DLC): Creek in southeast area doesn't have boulders.
  • Lost River (DLC): Not enough grass around ranch area on some quality levels.
  • Many minor terrain and water issues.

v1.1.0c - Released 21 July 2023


  • In rare situations, saving fails and turns screen black.
  • A wolf with an injury and no stamina gets stuck if carrying a pup over ground which is too rough to put pup down on.
  • Lost River: If rancher starts targeting mate who has permadeath enabled, the rancher never switches to target the player-wolf.
  • Lost River: Some waterfall rocks are pure white.
  • Lost River: Peace sculpture is missing collider.
  • Slough Creek: Wolf flies into sky if running into northwestern rock den.
  • Minor terrain and vegetation issues.

v1.1.0b - Released 19 July 2023


  • Wolf Customization: On Body tab, new button to adjust the wolf's body size (replacing the recently-removed size effect from the Strength attribute). Wolf size is now part of wolf genetics, so parents' size influences size of grown pups. (Existing wolves and pups use old Strength effect on size.)
  • When player barks, packmates come over to see what's up.
  • Mate now will put pups in den if they are voluntarily joining the player on an excursion. (Or the player can woof the pups into the den, then whine to invite the mate on the trip. Either way, the player no longer has to go some distance from the den and then woof the mate back if they don't want the mate to come along.)


  • Reduced rate of carcass spawning.
  • Increased intimidation effect of growling and snarling at competitors.
  • Decreased rival pack expansionism a bit, especially on Easy difficulty.
  • Added a delay when player-wolf bites competitor animals before they spin around and attack, to match how it worked in the old AI system.
  • Reduced damage dealt by grizzlies during spin-attack action.
    Added new notification if game can't load a save file because the computer has no available memory left.
  • Reduced volume of sniffing audio.
  • Reduced beaver numbers at dawn and dusk in Lost River.
  • Added "Canyon" to Lamar pack wolf names.
  • Lost River: More rocky outcrops have permanent snow in wintertime.
  • Updated the Life is Rough coat thumbnail images in wolf customization.
  • New, better bark texture for Englemann Spruce.
  • On the howl customization panel, either right-click or shift-click selects secondary howl (as alternative for players without two-button mouse).
    Intro text for experienced wolves is now more generic, since a wolf can gain hunting experience on any map.
  • Multiplayer: All ungulates now move farther away from player who is nearly dead and wants to revive.
  • Multiplayer: Some join-game errors are now displayed in front of the loading screen, and the bug reporter can be opened to submit bug reports.
  • Restructured pup-eating AI to better handle picking non-crowded chunks while begging or expressing interest when all chunks are crowded.
  • In wintertime, on Enhanced Sky & Veg mode, lighting is a bit bluer now.
  • Reduced moose swimming speed.
  • Reduced the size of scentprints for smaller animals.
  • Adjusted spawn locations of a few Amethyst dispersal groups.
  • Made golden eagles uninterested in regurgitated meat.
  • Icons for abandoned dens are now dimmed on the compass.


  • Pup pathfinding issues at some dens.
  • Texture on some dirt dens in Amethyst is very low resolution.
  • Can't target hare if mate is targeting it.
  • Ungulates sometimes "freeze" during fights.
  • Wapiti Lake rival wolf scents don't have "Lake" in the name.
  • Slough Creek terrain is black in August on Low terrain quality.
  • With Den Memory, previously-found dens are not displayed during Find a Mate quest.
  • One cottonwood tree is missing collider.
  • "Eyebrows" pup should have Eyebrows black coat when grown up.
  • Three dens in Lost River are displayed on the World Map if a similar den was discovered the previous year with the Good Memory perk enabled. (Fixed now going forward, but not fixed in existing wolves and saved games with this bug.)
  • Chalcedony waterfall audio sounds weird.
  • Wolf with a blind eye opens it when yawning and other sitting animations.
  • Lost River: Prey animals can go beyond the borders that block wolves. (Competitors are allowed to go farther toward the border.)
  • Newborn ungulates: Occasionally special music doesn't play when near the newborn.
  • Too many bull elk in big fall herds in Slough Creek.
  • Grizzly sow has furry claws.
  • Targeting arrow can occasionally get stuck when doing certain social actions.
  • Some dens are black or pink in some circumstances.
  • After loading a saved game, game can spawn one carcass without regard to min distance to other carcasses.
  • Posture animation (such as crouch) lingers after the target is gone if the player doesn't move.
  • In Slough Creek in late summer, a beaver lodge is floating up in the sky.
  • In certain situations, animals don't make trenches in deep snow.
  • Deep snow doesn't return after switching it off and on again in graphics quality panel.
  • Scentprints don't render above deep snow.
  • When teleported inside den, an object in mouth is released without animation, leaving the mouth open.
  • Controller issue: If player opens bug reporter while another text input window is open, they can't type on onscreen keyboard.
  • Controller: issues with navigation on wolf customization.
  • Pup sometimes doesn't turn head to watch eagle during attack, making it look frozen.
  • Multiplayer: Sometimes while eating at a carcass, it becomes untargetable while there is still food available on it.
  • Glitchy behavior if you pick up something and while you're lowering your head something happens to it.
  • Pup sometimes does spin turns when alternating circling and looking at food.
  • Pups appear uninterested in food, even when hungry.
  • Mate can have chance encounters at den, blocking player actions while out hunting.
  • "Smells Fishy" achievement doesn't work.
  • Mate can get stuck on Lost River bridge while out hunting alone.
  • Some rocks are pink after a specific sequence of actions in graphic quality panel.
  • In some cases, Territory Acquisition games are labeled as Pack Life in the multiplayer lobby preview panel.
  • In Lost River, mate will not go through one broken segment of the ranch fence.
  • In Lost River, some hexes aren't locked off correctly as no-mans-land.
  • One howl animation for very young pups is too long, so animation plays after audio.
  • Summer pronghorn shrinks noticeably when killed.
  • Occasionally, some dens are black.
  • No rain audio during light rainfall.
  • Coyote rim color is a bit bright at night.
  • Cow elk doesn't show consumption textures when being eaten.
  • Sometimes pup doesn't go into den when woofed because it's afraid of nearby ravens.
  • Pup sometimes sleeps on top of regurgitant, blocking other pups from eating it.
  • Having an injury makes the mate stop whenever the player stalks.
  • Mate can get stuck in certain locations when returning to homesite from an excursion.
  • Mate is too passive after stalking with the player, if the player stands still.
  • At some dens, pups teleport the wrong way when dropped into an inaccessible spot.
  • Mate will eat after reaching 100% food if at homesite with large prey animals nearby.
  • Custom map marker names aren't saved if player changes them after creating them.
  • In Lost River-Classic, upon completing Find a Mate quest, dialog window erroneously talks about continuing on to Establish Territory.
  • Terrain-rock issues in Lost River.
  • Minor environment tweaks and fixes.

v1.1.0a - Released 28 June 2023


  • Made rival packs a bit less expansionist in fall and winter seasons.
  • Adjusted Rusty Bowl position in wolf mouth.


  • Multiplayer: When transferring hosting, connection can be lost in certain circumstances.
  • Multiplayer: Bison don't move away from dead player so player can revive safely.
  • Elk calf in fall season collapses instantly when it dies if wolf is biting on right side of neck.
  • Pronghorn carcasses are still furry when being consumed.
  • Mate when sitting or lying down plays the same idle animation repeatedly instead of mixing it up.
  • Den collider issues.
  • In Slough Creek winter, juniper bushes are floating a bit.
  • Minor terrain and vegetation issues.

v1.1.0 - Released 26 June 2023


  • All quests are now playable in Amethyst and Slough Creek, with more than 20 dens on the Amethyst map.
  • Several territory configurations to choose from when starting new game in Amethyst, Slough Creek, and Lost River (DLC).
  • Added a Territory hex color picker in Game Settings.
  • All AI converted to new AI system -- animals should generally behave as they did before.
  • In Wolf Customization: Primary and Secondary howls are now combined into one panel, so you can choose any howl for either type. There are also 22 new howls added.
  • Pronghorns now roam the grasslands of each map. They are very fast and generally extremely hard to catch, except for summertime fawns: in June, newborn fawns hide in the grass like elk and mule deer, while later in the summer they are ambulatory but easier to catch than adults are.
  • New coyote model.
  • Many new dream images.
  • Many new loading screen images and tips.
  • Many new idle animations when sitting and laying down. (Note: the wolf's head-look action doesn't occur now when sitting and lying down, due to some complications with these new idle animations in those poses. We might be able to add it back at some point in the future, but that's uncertain.)
  • Player can do most emotes when sitting and lying down (but not tail emotes).
  • Pups are now more tentative and clumsier for a short time after first emerging from the den at the start of the Raise Pups quest.
  • Pups have a few more play behaviors, including chasing each other around the homesite area.
  • Mate and pups now howl with the player-wolf instead of afterwards. (Finally able to do this with the new AI system.)
  • Bigger, better fire tower in Lost River DLC.
  • New, improved cottonwood trees.
  • New, improved lupine plants.
  • Research airplane occasionally flies overhead to observe wolves if any in the group have a radio collar.
  • Find a Mate quest: Upon accepting your trial mate, you can now choose to hang out with your mate for awhile, or proceed onward into winter season and Establish Territory quest. If you choose to hang out with your mate, once you're ready to proceed into winter, you can do so via a button in Pack Info.
  • Juniper bushes added throughout Slough Creek.
  • Better meat chunks from carcasses.
  • Added privacy statement on Register and Account panels.
  • New game title art now used in game loading screen.


  • The Family Tree snapshot now auto-saves if you rename your mate or pups, or you get a new mate after your old mate dies.
  • Loading screens (between main menu and maps) have many new tips and images, and all tips are now matched to appropriate images.
  • Reduced memory footprint in Amethyst and Slough Creek.
  • Some performance improvements in Amethyst Mountain.
  • Starting and joining MP games should now be more reliable even if it takes quite awhile (several minutes) to load in.
  • Some performance improvements around big cliff rocks in Lost River DLC map, if Big Rock Quality is set to Medium.
  • In Lost River DLC map, human actions are no longer possible causes of death for old wolves.
  • Domestic cattle carcasses in Lost River DLC now show partially-consumed textures when partially-eaten.
  • Spike elk now lose their antlers in late spring and regrow them over the summer.
  • Reclassified tree stump den north of Lost River fire tower as Wooded.
  • Improvements to tree appearances.
  • Boulders now always have snow on them during winter season.
  • Improved movement on fawn and calf carcasses when being carried.
  • Improved springtime overflow waterfall on Lost River DLC hydro dam.
  • Small fawn and calf carcasses, and collectible objects, now respect gravity when being carried.
  • Some additional wolf growls and other vocalizations.
  • Additional pup howls.
  • New idle animation variations when wolf is lying down.
  • Improved wolf walk and stalk animations.
  • Reduced ambient noise in some animal vocalization audio.
  • Improved performance when around the Amethyst cliff rocks in deep snow.
  • Reduced chances of snow in February a bit.
  • Amount of dust kicked up by running animals is now tailored to each season (based on how wet or dry the season is).
  • Many minor improvements to Amethyst natural environment.
  • Improved snow accumulation on tree dens (to better match accumulation on surrounding terrain).
  • Enabled Fearful Snarl emote when moving.
  • Bull elk fights now feature more frequent antler clashes.
  • Lost River DLC: Some big rocky outcrops now have permanent snow throughout the winter. (in progress)
  • Refinements to Slough Creek small ponds in early spring.
  • Enlarged the short-grass area around each den in Slough Creek and Lost River DLC.
  • Increased distance that mate will hear player's woof to go back to den.
  • New Woof animations (tailored to audio)
  • Improved waterfall graphics at Fairies' Falls.


  • NPC animals can get stuck on Lost River west bridge.
  • Some newborn pups are vibrating in the den.
  • Foxes don't know to avoid stray dogs.
  • When caught in a rancher's trap in Lost River, the wolf gets stuck running endlessly.
  • Short tail looks slinky in main menu wolf carousel.
  • Strength perk alters wolf's body size.
  • Mate will eat small carcass or meat chunk instantly.
  • Old outdated text on "You cannot mark territory in Lost River" notification.
  • Some dispersal names are too long for Scent Readout.
  • In Lost River DLC, on Basic Sky & Vegetation mode, creeks don't respect fog when viewed at a distance.
  • In Lost River DLC, if wolf is caught in a second trap after escaping the first trap, the second trap doesn't disappear after escaping it.
  • Snow can fall in far corner of Lost Luck Silver Mine in Lost River DLC.
  • Scent view is too bright when there's light snowfall on the ground at night.
  • Lost River Classic: High quality terrain floats above correct ground level a bit, causing visual issues.
  • In Lost River DLC, player can't go quite as close to the map border as prey animals can.
  • Stray dachshund swims underwater.
  • Carcasses persist from Find a Den quest to Raise Pups (in reality, they'd be long consumed by the time the pups emerge from the den).
  • Many minor issues with terrains and dens.
  • Alert about not being logged into Microsoft OneDrive doesn't appear when it should.
  • Multiplayer: Only host can view rendezvous sites before Raise Pups quest is completed.
  • Multiplayer: If host is slow to load into game and client player joins quickly, the client can become stuck.
  • Multiplayer: Pup death notifications sometimes don't appear.
  • Multiplayer: Stuck notification during Fixed Sleep schedule.
  • Multiplayer: Scent tracks sometimes have blank label in scent view.
  • Removed Fixed Sleep option for MP Story games.
  • Sometimes ungulates have snow when farther away from the player, but it disappears when they get closer.
  • Clever wolves can obtain multiple mates.
  • Lamar River flickers when viewed from far away.
  • Maple bushes along creeks get thicker when you're farther away from them.
  • Blank notification if pup dies of burns in hot springs.
  • Mate frequently stops following player for a moment.
  • Some reductions in memory usage.
  • Mate marker on map is rotated 90 degrees.
  • Empty notification at edge of game map.
  • Tall grass patches are tilted at a few rendezvous sites.
  • Inside dirt den, snowflakes can still fall.
  • Wolf gait is too fast when running in deep snow.
  • Sky is often very bright when you first switch into scent view.
  • Many minor terrain and water issues.

1.0.9h - Released 25 January 2023


  • Many improvements to memory management, making the game more rigorous about clearing out excessive memory usage, especially when returning to main menu and then starting or loading another game, and during longer sessions, especially in Lost River. Players with good GPUs and 8 to 16 GB of RAM may see general performance improvements as well. Also greatly reduces chance of crashing on Steam Deck.
  • During Raise Pups quest, icons on the World Map for abandoned dens are now darker.
  • In Account: Friends panel, Unfriend button changed to Modify, with options to unfriend or block that player.
  • Improved colliders at base of cliffs by BCE facility in Lost River.


  • Mate sometimes clips through cattle ranch fence.
  • NPC wolves can get into trouble in silver mine.
  • Multiplayer: Occasional the Whisper /w command fails.
  • Multiplayer: In certain circumstances, when joining a game when players are at the Lost River cattle ranch, player-wolf is stuck in auto-run.
  • If player-wolf is turned around at game world border and runs into a boulder while auto-running, they are stuck there, cannot move around it.
  • In Lost River, at several dens the den scent glow is barely visible, or not at all visible.
  • Player-wolf can get into cliffs around Baer Bluffs den. (Possible fix.)
  • Tweaked color balance on 10M and Aidan coats.
  • Controller: Can't choose Lost River in Saved Game filter list.
  • When loading a save inside the silver mine, the mine interior model is still loading and so visibly pops into view.
  • Player-wolf can get stuck in closed-off room in Merriweather house. (Possibly fixed.)
  • On Basic Sky & Vegetation mode, lighting brightens when going into Photo Mode when indoors.
  • Many minor water and terrain issues.


v1.0.9g - Released 17 January 2023


  • Lost Luck Silver Mine, in the Temple Rocks area, is now explorable. Start a new game to explore the mine -- in new games, there are two miner's lanterns outside the mine, be sure to pick one up before going inside.
  • Miner achievement for reaching deepest point in Lost Luck mine.
  • Three new dens.
  • Six new rendezvous sites.
  • Toggle in Game Settings: Gameplay to disable the Low FPS alert.


  • Modest increase of odds of cougar attack on homesite.
  • Gore dialog now appears after killing an animal with different gore options (had been appearing on snowshoe hare).
  • Reduced brightness in scent view when snow is on the ground In non-winter seasons.
  • Snow accumulated on animals now melts quickly when indoors.
  • Collector's Cache achievement can now be earned in LR as well as SC, and the requirement in either is to have eight collectible objects at your den.
  • When jumping to next year, your pack name is the default selection at the end of Establish Territory quest.
  • Some reductions in memory usage when going from one game scene to another.
  • Terrain and water refinements.
  • In Lost River, more tall grass patches added in downtown area.


  • Improved NPC pathfinding around the boulders below cliffs.
  • More tall grass patches added in downtown area.
  • Added a few more days in Find Mate quest before winter season begins.
  • Foam now appears around wolves in all LR water bodies, including hot springs. (Did not before due to new water shaders in LR.)
  • New LR-specific set of suggested pack names when naming your pack.
  • Numbering of wolves in Lost River rival packs now starts at higher numbers than one (in new games only).
  • Reduced pitted/jagginess of deep snow surface around rocky areas.


  • Multiplayer: If host has already earned a multiplayer achievement, then players in that session won't earn it if unlocked. (Recent regression from another fix a few weeks ago.)
  • In Photo Mode, the camera icon changes position based on HUD scaling.
  • For multi-part achievements, Achievement Progress alert appears even after achievement has been unlocked.


  • If it rains after snowfall, snow coverage is inconsistent between some terrain sections, creating odd lines.
  • There are no bull elk in large elk herds in autumn.


  • Multiplayer: In Cattle Ranch area, several issues with player-wolf getting stuck against fence or running unstoppably.
  • Multiplayer: In certain situations, cattle ranch fence break and deterrents are not synce correctly between host and other players.
  • In winter, the scent glow on many dirt dens is blocked by the snow mound.
  • Wolves float too high in the water in some creeks.
  • Leaves blow around the player when indoors.
  • Beavers carry branches when going away from water, instead of when returning to it.
  • Dead dog airborne scents are not the X icon.
  • Distant animal vocalizations aren't audible in some seasons.
  • Error in German Shepherd dog might cause issues when it's traveling.
  • When snow is present in main menu, the distant hills don't have snow.
  • In certain circumstances, non-host players can change the name of the pack in multiplayer games.
  • In certain locations, newborns can spawn outside of tall grass patches.
  • When setting up a multiplayer game, if the game cannot connect to the selected region, the player is often unable to choose another region and try again.
  • Wolf growl audio keeps playing if player chooses another emote during thethx growl.
  • There are no bull elk in large elk herds in autumn.
  • Rival pack scent post near the Blades is just outside the correct hex.
  • Natural Landmarks achievement: Blades location should unlock during Endless Summer, but does not.
  • In Early Spring, tree at densite in Monday Gulch is offset from den.
  • Allison Acres houses don't load soon enough when entering that area from the hilltop.
  • Various issues with dens and terrain.


See also Patches & Updates 2021-22