Once your pups have all grown to 15 pounds, it's time to find a spot to spend the summer. Good rendezvous sites provide sun and shade, tall grass for the pups to hide in while you and your mate are away, and water in the vicinity. Elk herds have migrated to higher elevations, so picking a spot in the northern or southern reaches of the map will minimize time spent going to and from hunts.

Locating Sites

After completing Raise Pups, your World Map will be populated with many suitable rendezvous sites, as indicated by the tall grass icon.

Tap the M key or TAB to open the World Map. Tap again to close it.

Nearby rendezvous sites will also appear on the compass.

Choosing a Site

While you can wander the wilderness until you decide on a spot, it's quicker and therefore safer to select one before leaving your den. Spend some time weighing the different factors of each site, such as:

  • Travel time from your current den
  • Proximity to elk herds, as most of them are now summering at high elevations

You can place a custom marker on your map which will appear on your compass in the game. This will guide you easily to your chosen site.

The Journey

Once you've decided on your destination, it's time to start moving! Your pups will automatically follow you now that they've left the den, as they did when moving dens during the Raise Pups quest.

On the journey, you may encounter the usual predators.

If you need to hunt or fight predators while on the move, you can keep your pups safe by having them hide in nearby patches of tall grass. Woof while near both your pups and a patch of tall grass and they will hide. Be aware that if you Woof when a predator is lurking, it will attack immediately, hoping to grab a pup before it can hide in the grass.

Make sure to keep your pups fed and rested! They need more sleep than you, so if you're on the move and they're struggling to keep up, give them a break by taking a nap.

Pups will do their best to keep up. You can only travel as fast as the slowest pack member. Toggle on pup nametags (N key) to keep track of them in the vast landscape.

You can carry slow-poke pups, but this will affect your stamina. To pick up a pup, press and hold the SPACEBAR. Tap to put them down.

You may have to cross a river or stream to get to your chosen rendezvous site. Pups can swim, but they will be carried away by the current as they do. Make sure to collect all of your pups after the crossing, lest predators find them first.

Choose Your New Rendezvous Site

Once you reach a rendezvous site, you will be prompted to decide if this site is right for you and your pack.

Like choosing a den, this is not a permanent decision. You can move rendezvous sites as many times as you wish during the game, though a wise wolf will minimize risky travel.

Once you've selected a rendezvous site and brought your pups there, it's time to loaf about for the rest of the summer! You are ready for the final  MAIN QUEST: Loaf at Rendezvous Site