The new cloud saving/file syncing feature in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition should work without any problems, but occasionally a player has a save file that causes problems. If the syncing process fails repeatedly, finally showing a popup alert with Disable and Resume buttons, then:

  1. Switch from the game to Windows Explorer.
  2. Go into the Saves folder and sort the files by filesize. There is probably at least one save file that is quite large: several megabytes or more, compared to 100-300kb for all the other files. You'll find the save files here: Documents\Wolf Quest Anniversary\User Files\Saves\
  3. If you find a large file like that, switch back to the game, click Disable Sync, and then load that saved game. Then save it again, and that should fix it, making the save file the normal (small) size.
  4. Then quit and launch the game again to trigger the sync process. Syncing should work properly.
If you still have trouble syncing, please press F11 and submit a bug report. Be sure to say that you've opened and resaved any very large files.