You found a bug!

If you find a bug while playing the game -- and you can reproduce it (it keeps happening at the same part in the map, or right after you do something specific), please submit a bug report to:
Include as much of the following information as you can:
  • a detailed description of the problem.
  • which platform you're playing the game on (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android/Kindle).
  • if you have the mobile version, the make and model of your phone or tablet.
  • a screenshot of the bug/glitch (if applicable).
  • a screenshot of your location on the map (if applicable).
  • your saved game (if applicable).
  • if you experienced this bug in a single player or multiplayer game.
  • your game log file (if on Mac/Windows)

Be sure to include the log file (Mac and Windows only).
You'll find it here:
  • On Windows, the game log is called 'output_log' and it's in the 'WolfQuest_Data' folder. (Try searching your computer for 'output_log' without the quotation marks. Find the one in that folder, not in the WolfQuest-Data_Win folder.)
  • On Steam, If you purchased the game on Steam, here's how to find the log file on Windows: Right-click on 'WolfQuest' in your games listing and choose 'Properties'. Then click 'Local Files', then 'Browse local files'. Inside the WolfQuest_Data folder is the 'output_log' file. Attach it to your email.
  • On Macs, search for the Console app, and open it. Then in the left sidebar, look for FILES/~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log. Open that log, and copy the entire log into the email.


Mac Console: Here's where to find the Player.log in the Mac Console app: