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WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition for PC and Mac is a complete remake of the game. The basic mission arc is the same. However, WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition has a new codebase and much of the core gameplay has been reimagined. We’ve rethought and redesigned each system of the game, from the wolf-controller to stranger wolves (both hostile and potentially friendly) to hunting mechanics to elk herding behaviors. We’ve made vastly larger and more realistic maps. There is new and improved 3D animal models and animations living in a world of more realistic terrain and flora. In every way, WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is a bigger and better version of the original game.

New Lost River Map (DLC)

Released December 15, 2022

A bigger, expanded, improved Lost River map — one that’s equal to the scope and quality of Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek is available as an in-game purchase (DLC).

Note: Lost River Classic, the original Lost River map with just a few upgrades, but wrapped in all the new game systems of WQ:AE, is included in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition at no extra cost.

The WolfQuest Saga

The story of your pack will continue in the Saga -- an upcoming expansion (free to anyone who owns the game) where you can live the entire life of your wolf. The seasons roll by as you raise a new litter of pups every year: feeding them, defending them from competitors, and helping them learn how to hunt big prey. Yearlings help with the new pups until they too may decide to disperse and join or form another pack. With tenacity and skill (and some luck), build your legacy of skilled hunters and pack leaders! Can you survive long enough to become a legendary wolf of Yellowstone?

Follow the game's development at where we post updates!

Tower Fall Map

A new map set around Tower Fall, west of Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek, will be released as an in-game purchase (DLC).

Will WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition be available on other platforms?

We are currently focusing on PC/Mac development and will not consider other platforms until WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is out of Early Access.

Follow the game's development at where we post updates!