Patch 1.0p (8/18/2019)


  • This is the last patch for a few weeks, due to vacations, but we have some new stuff coming in September, plus big features in the coming months like achievements, multiplayer, and eventually Slough Creek and pups.
  • We are still working on issues with the wolf IK (which currently cause odd body distortions) and we don't need more bug reports on those at the moment.
  • If the camera lock-on still occurs for you when zooming in or out, try going to Game Settings > Controls > Remap Controls, and click Reset to Default Settings.


  • Water bodies don't respect fog in Enhanced graphics mode (regression; still doesn't work in Basic mode).
  • Occasionally a scent trail is extremely old.
  • Wolf urinates on foot sometimes. (This patch has some refinements to the urine stream, but it's not perfect yet in certain situations and will probably need special coding. Ah, the life of a WolfQuest developer.)


  • Elk now won't stand up just before dying, instead will collapse from prone position.



Patch 1.0o (8/16/2019)


* Some missing text (loading text, damage readouts, FPS readout)
* Frozen or ghost animals.
* Zooming camera in or out locks the camera onto current target.
* Terrain and tree collider tweaks.
* Mate permadeath status not respected in some cases.
* Can't do hold-bite on grizzly bears.
* Some music tracks too loud.
* Fossil forest doesn't respect fog in Basic graphics mode. (Still a known issue with rivers and fog on Basic mode.)
* Coyote can be too aggressive in certain situations.
* Display Resolution doesn't list all monitor resolutions. (Please F11 a report if you still have problems.)
* Possible fix for snowshoe hare texture problems.
* Going to main menu while sleeping brings the vignette effect with it.
* Control remapping panel looks empty (actually just scrolled way down).


* Cougar carcasses added.
* Stranger Pack territory colors tweaked for better visibility on world map.
* Refinements to wolf urination effect.
* Wolf claw color tweaks.
* Snow accumulates on boulders. (Not on cliff rocks yets, that's trickier.)
* Minor tweaks to Flight/Flight logic.


Patch 1.0n (8/15/2019)


* Wolf Customization panel is messed up in last patch, and can't set eye color.

* Game crashes on older CPUs (such as AMD Phenom II X4) -- now fixed!


Patch 1.0m (8/14/2019)


  • IK bug causes wolf forelegs to go haywire when biting prey and competitors. (Still working on a few other IK bugs)
  • No sunlight in the main menu when set to Basic Sky and higher quality level.
  • Antlers are misplaced on elk spike carcass (low gore version)
  • Hare twitches when dead.
  • Autosave stopped saving.
  • Stranger wolves frozen in place.
  • Keyboard keys 7 and 8 don't control camera zoom.
  • "Do you want to overwrite save?" alert appears uninvited and won't go away.
  • Problem with some emotes and favorites (e.g. Confident Tail Wag).
  • Weather sound effects not affected by Audio > Natural Sounds volume slider.
  • Various terrain and river tweaks and fixes.


  • Increased health recovery rate when the hunger bar is full (top 25% of meter).
  • You can now right-click to select Emote Favorites.
  • Removed a few more words from filter (very sorry about that)
  • Adjusted minimum GPU VRAM requirements for grass density.
  • A few more optimizations to reduce micropauses when running around.


Patch 1.0l (8/12/2019)

Known Issue: Sometimes there's no sunlight in the main menu, when in Basic Sky & Vegetation mode. For now, fix it by switching to Enhanced, then back to Basic.


  • Game won't load after doing certain add/remove actions with Emote Favorites.
  • Can't wake up or stand up after sleeping.
  • Wolf urine is invisible.
  • Game soft-locks after marking territory.
  • Stranger wolves are frozen.
  • Elk are frozen and hovering in air.
  • NPC animals take big leaps off cliffs.
  • Grass is floating above cliff rock.
  • Gap below bottom of sky and distant landscape.
  • Several glitches with NPC animals.
  • Wolf frozen after howling while sitting.
  • Grizzly bears won't stop fighting.
  • Can run through trees in Basic graphics mode.
  • Various minor issues with terrain, rivers, and fog


  • Added a confirmation popup when deleting a saved game.


PATCH v1.0k (8/10/2019)

This patch has several performance improvements:

  • We switched to a different method of streaming terrain tiles, which should (a) reduce the degree of stuttering sometimes and (b) make it less likely to find yourself in a spot (hunting an elk herd for example) where you repeatedly trigger the loading stutter because you're running around within a small area.
  • We optimized the some code to reduce micropauses when animals are spawned.
  • We found a few other things to optimize with vegetation spawning.

All this should make the game play more smoothly. We are still working on several more optimizations, including overall reduction in the terrain loading stutter.


* Wolf neck distorted when sleeping and stalking.
* Wolf walk and stalk animation speeds wrong.
* Wolf drinking audio plays too soon, lasts too long.
* Inappropriate animation on wolf when male ungulate charges it.
* Various terrain and river refinements.
* Various text errors.
* Several quirky things with grizzly bears issues (walk speed, snow).
* Several cougar animation issues.


* Switched to new method for loading terrain chunks. Worst stutter is unchanged, but may be less frequent (that is, less stutter some of the times).
* Optimized animal spawning code.
* Emotes panel will tell you if the Favorites group is full when you try to add another emote to it.
* Modest reduction in RAM memory usage.


PATCH v1.0j (8/7/2019)

Two notes on performance:

  • The last patch worsened performance a bit, at least on Enhanced Sky & Vegetation setting. We've fixed one thing that caused that, but still tracking down what else changed. Sorry about that!
  • We are making progress on the stuttering lag that occurs when terrain chunks load. We hope to have a good improvement on that in the next patch.


* Trees lean excessively in Basic Sky & Vegetation mode.
* Autosave icon (running wolf) gets stuck in corner of screen forever.
* Possible fix to "can't get up from sleep" bug.
* Grizzlies and coyotes live in peaceful harmony.
* Dead mate won't die.
* Territory meter (hex icon) is sometimes inaccurate.
* Unable to name mate.
* Moon is ginormous in Basic Sky mode.
* Emote Favorites don't save.
* Wolf plays inappropriate animation to some grizzly attacks.
* Snow dust too bright at night.
* Wolf fur around neck and face has problems when radio collar is selected.
* Wolf's neck bulges when howling while sitting.
* Slight echo of wolf howl is audible after howl ends


* The game adapts if you change the sex of your wolf after creating it (in terms of prospective mates).
* Display resolution pulldown does not list duplicates.
* In Basic Sky & Vegetation, cliff wall terrain added so those rocks don't float when seen from the valley.
* Atmospheric perspective added to Basic Sky & Veg mode.
* Hare swimming looks slightly better.
* Adjusted volume of some music tracks.
* Modest reduction in RAM memory usage.
* Possible slight performance improvements on low-end hardware.
* Some placename labels added to world map.


PATCH v1.0i (8/2/2019)


* Can't switch to higher quality setting selection on computers with moderate or low VRAM. (Something broke new functionality in Thursday patch.)

* Those meat chunks have finally fallen to earth (though if you have a nice stash of them like the player who submitted the first bug report, you'll have to pick each one up and put it down for the fix to take effect.)


PATCH v1.0h (8/2/2019)


* Goldilocks food chunks were too low, then too high, and now should be just right. (EDIT: Hmm, chunks should not float, but somehow they still do...)

* Error that can cause extremely excessive damage from elk kicks.

* Custom key remapping: Reset button doesn't work, and custom settings are not saved. (More improvements to key remapping still to come.)

* Dead stranger wolves switch to white coat or white (no texture).

* Some notification popups overstay their welcome.

* Various little visual problems on terrain.

* Protruding dark ridge in Chalcedony creek canyon.

* Audio of wind, rain, flushed birds, and flies doesn't respect game audio settings.

* Fog does not affect visibility of creeks and rivers.

* Can't drink from Amethyst Creek.


* Improved performance when sun is at horizon (very long shadows were slowing the game down).

* More improvements to NPC animal behavior.

* Tweaks to terrain textures so they match High Quality settings.


PATCH v1.0g  (8/1/19)

This has our second iteration on the Video RAM (VRAM) detection fix. Now, if the game crashes during launch, please launch it again and the game will reset the quality level to a safe setting so it won't crash. (At least, not for that reason.) The game also displays tooltip warnings if you are choose a quality level that may crash the game, but you can go ahead and choose it anyways.

Comments on Known Issues:

* The game crashes during launch on certain very old CPUs -- this started with the Sunday patch, v1.0e. We've identified the cause (these older CPUs lack a certain capability, but the game should tolerate that, and for some reason doesn't now) but have not figured out how to fix it yet.
* Wolf is invisible or a thin black strand: We've gotten many reports on this, and they all are from computers that are below the minimum hardware spec -- most likely the wolf model uses some techniques that those computers cannot render. The "No Fur" option might help but probably won't. Sorry about that.

Possibly Fixed (but unsure because we could not reproduce them):

* My wolf can't stand up after sleeping.
* Some visual artifacts in shadows.
* Display resolution pulldown doesn't list any other resolution options. '
* When loading a saved game, title music keeps playing after other music begins.


* Wolf won't stop panting.
* Fixed various gaps in terrain and floating creeks.
* Lamar River is invisible in Basic graphics mode.
* Lamar River audio doesn't respect game audio settings.
* Hunger meter does not deplete.
* Biting a stranger wolf turns it into a prospective mate.
* Wolf head doesn't go down when sleeping.
* Various bugs with map custom markers.
* Lack of sunlight if you select Good or higher quality level and Basic graphics mode in title scene, then load Amethyst map.
* Wolf eye color customization doesn't work in Basic graphics mode.
* Meat chunks disappear/go underground sometimes. (May still need some fine-tuning, so bug reports are welcome on it.)
* Dispersals are frozen when trying to engage in courtship.
* Prey can go beyond the borders of the map -- they shouldn't, and that's fixed now but note that competitors are allowed beyond the world walls.
* Various issues with prey going into areas they should not go into. (Should fix bugs with animals flying and getting stuck running in circles.)
* Cougar behavioral problems.
* Other various minor bugs and errors.


* Grizzly sows with cubs are now roaming the map!
* Reduced the number of ravens at carcass.
* Added inputs -- the 7 and 8 keys -- for camera zoom in and out.
* Removed a lot of unnecessary badwords from filter.
* Tweaks to animal slope-sliding behaviors.
* Added a camera icon to indicate when you are in Photo Mode (Shift-P to enter and exit Photo Mode)
* A few more Tutorial Tips.
* Added a basic Game Help popup window (currently merely a link to Knowledge Base).
* Hiding Credits button in game Pause menu until we add those there (you can see them in main menu > About).


Patch v1.0f (7/29/19)

The first rule of patches is "Don't break the game." Alas, last night's patch did that -- we added more information to one of the courtship popups, which pushed the Yes/No buttons down offscreen. You could only click those if you had noticed the interface scaling slider in Game Settings, otherwise you were stuck. Very sorry about that! That's fixed in this patch.

We have also diagnosed the problem with the game freezing/crashing during the initial loading (two wolves against the blue moon). In many cases, at least, that is because the game is set to require more VRAM (Video RAM, a special kind of RAM on your graphics card) than your computer actually has. This patch has a new function which detects your computer's VRAM and automatically adjusts the quality level downward if necessary. Similarly, if you try to choose a quality level in Game Settings that your computer doesn't have enough VRAM for, the game won't allow that selection, and automatically switches to one that it can. (Currently there is no tip or warning about that, but we'll add one in the next patch.) Note that this method won't solve the problem in every case (since there is so much range of computer configurations out there), but it should fix it for many people. We will keep refining it. And please not that the game may still freeze or crash on that blue-moon loading screen if your computer simply doesn't meet the minimum hardware requirements.

* Made Yes/No buttons on Courtship panel are onscreen
* Prevent game from using more VRAM than computer has (at launch, and when adjusting quality levels).
* Tweaked colliders on the cottonwood trees by river.

* More texture memory reductions.


PATCH v1.0e (7/28/19)

Remember Friday's patch which said that we'd fixed the bug where your Difficulty selection was carried over from the main menu to the Amethyst map? Well, turns out that was an ornery bug and wasn't fixed...which means if you didn't notice that, you've been playing on Easy even if you chose Challenging or Accurate. Sorry about that! Consider it practice for the real challenges that you'll now face.

* Difficulty and Mate Permadeath selections should carry over from main menu to Amethyst map.
* Some meat chunks have incorrect labels.
* Possibly fixed the overlapping title music after entering the Amethyst map.

* Optimized some grass and tree textures, may improve performance on some graphics cards.
* Added snow to forest debris objects.
* Added useful information to some tutorial tips.
* Added more grass back to cliff rocks.


Patch v1.0d (7/26/19)

* Difficulty selection carries over from main menu to Amethyst map.
* Wolf panting won't stop (actually probably fixed in previous patch).

* Accurate ambient audio in main menu.
* Text tips for customization options with sliders
* Support popup now correctly says to use F11 key instead of F12 key for bug reports.
* "His" removed from badwords list (Those were the days!).
* Reduced necessary distance from wolf fight before you can sleep (but beware, they're still close!)


PATCH v1.0c (7/26/19)

* Loading time from Main Menu to Amethyst greatly reduced.
* Wolf customization now works when in No Fur mode.
* Prevent corrupted save files from breaking main menu (showing multiple wolves).
* Missing ground colliders on cliff rocks.
* Several fixes to Photo Mode
* Fixes to issues that might prevent the bug reporter from opening.
* Snow on wolves melts faster.
* Removed incorrect key labels on Keyboard Map.
* Other minor fixes.

* Use F11 instead of F12 now for bug reporting. Can also do that in main menu scene now.