Learn to Hunt

As a new arrival here in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone, you must learn how to hunt – mostly elk, but also there are also mule deer, moose, bison, pronghorn, and snowshoe hares. You'll have to become a good hunter before you can persuade another wolf to become your mate!

Gamplay tips for Learn to Hunt quest

Find a Mate

Winter is coming, so it's time to start looking for a mate. Now that you are a good hunter, you'll find other dispersal wolves who also left their family pack in search of a mate. As in real life, you will want to travel and hunt together for a time before deciding whether or not to start a pack together.

Gameplay tips for Find a Mate quest

Establish Territory

A new home to raise a new pack! With your pups coming soon, you first need to establish a territory to help keep your little pack safe. Much of this area is as yet unclaimed by other packs, so explore, hunt, mark, howl, and fight to claim your turf.

Gameplay tips for Establish Territory quest

Find a Den

Now that you have explored and established your pack's territory, it is time to choose a good den site to have your first litter of pups. There's no need to dig a new den for yourself, as there are plenty of abandoned burrows made by coyotes, foxes, badgers, and ground squirrels that just need to be expanded for your needs. Look for gaps under large boulders or cavities underneath old tree roots. Your den will keep your little pups safe as they grow.

Gameplay tips for Find a Den quest

Raise Pups

Your pups have arrived! They emerge from the den at about six weeks, weaned and eating regurgitated meals. Hunt and eat extra to fill up your growing pups! Soon they will also eat meat from your kills.

Protect your young from dangerous predators who are looking for an easy meal or to eliminate future competition.

Socialize and play with your pups to build pack affinity.

Gameplay tips for Raise Pups quest

Journey to a Summer Home

Your pups have outgrown the den, so it's time to move to a summer home closer to the elk herds that have migrated up to higher elevations.

Traveling with pups can be perilous. Predators are lurking. There may be swift waters to cross. Pups do their best to keep up as you lead them to summer rendezvous site. Can you keep them safe?

Gameplay tips for Journey to a Summer Home quest

Loaf at Rendezvous Site

Continue to raise your pups at your summer rendezvous site. Keep them well fed so they continue to grow big and strong.

But life is not only about food. Relax in the sun. Loaf around and play with your pups. Enjoy yourself. It's summertime in Yellowstone, and you and your family are living the life of wild wolves!

If you like, you can keep playing at the rendezvous site, in endless summer mode, while you await the rest of the Saga -- an upcoming expansion (free to anyone who owns the game) where you will be able to live the entire life of your wolf through all the seasons, year after year, on all the maps (except for Lost River Classic).

Gameplay tips for Loaf at Rendezvous Site

Still to Come! The WolfQuest Saga

Soon the story of your pack will continue in the Saga -- an upcoming expansion (free to anyone who owns the game) where you can live the entire life of your wolf. The seasons roll by as you raise a new litter of pups every year: feeding them, defending them from competitors, and helping them learn how to hunt big prey. Yearlings help with the new pups until they too may decide to disperse and join or form another pack. With tenacity and skill (and some luck), build your legacy of skilled hunters and pack leaders! Can you survive long enough to become a legendary wolf of Yellowstone?

Where does the game take place?

WolfQuest takes place primarily in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA, in the actual areas where wolves were reintroduced in 1996. The game recreates real places in the park and includes some of the animals found there. There are currently two Yellowstone game maps and one fictional map.

Amethyst Mountain

 7km by 7km (49 square kilometers), ranging from the Lamar River to the summit of Amethyst Mountain, the Northern Range's highest peak at 9,609 feet (2,929 meters).

Riparian habitat, thick with willow, and a few stands cottonwood, is found along the Lamar River and its tributaries. Up the slopes, mixed forest gives way to sagebrush steppe: open grassland dominated by sagebrush, covering Specimen Ridge and the summit. Douglas fir thrives on the cool, north-facing slopes of the ridge, while mixed conifers including lodgepole pine, Englemann spruce, and subalpine fir grow at higher elevations.

Slough Creek 

7km by 7km (49 square kilometers), ranging from First Meadow (the location of the map in the old game) upstream to Second Meadow and up the mountain slopes to the north. Beavers find willows, aspen, and a perfect habitat here. Slough Creek is a favorite place for wolves to den and raise pups. Granite outcrops with junipers rise from the meadows and along the shores of McBride Lake.

Lost River (DLC) and Lost River Classic

A fictional area in the Mountain West. Lost River features both expansive wilderness and a mysteriously-abandoned town. Some years ago, all human residents evacuated the town of Lost River. Nature has begun to reclaim the place, with elk herds and other wildlife wandering the abandoned streets and subdivisions. Wolves may wonder what happened here, but they will never know.

In WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, the Lost River Classic map is available as early access for PC and Mac.

Tower Fall (DLC) COMING in the FUTURE!

A future map coming to WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition (DLC) where you can live on the banks of the Yellowstone River, with Tower Fall thundering nearby. This map will be released around the time of the Saga release.